Nepalese viewers love Comedy Nights with Kapil. There is amazing response for Comedy Nights with Kapil online in Nepal. Baba Ji Ka Thullu, slang of Kapil has hung of on the tongue of hundreds and thousands of Nepalese. Despite of being Indian comedy show, it has been able to win heart of millions of Nepalese viewers. Guthi, Palak, Daadi, Mrs Sharma, they all have made Nepalese laugh a lot. Every Saturday and Sunday at 10 pm IST, lots of Nepalese sit in front of their screen watching Colors TV to receive comedy dose from Kapil and his team.

Comedy Nights with Kapil is written as well as produced by Kapil Sharma. He has talented cast that includes brilliant actors and comedians like Sunil Grover, Ali Asgar, Sumona, Naseem Vicky and many more. The show has also been added with light by Navjot Singh Sidhu and his amazing laughter and of course his enlightening shers. The show provides take on daily issues in a common man life with extra toppings of comedy. Kapil invites celebrities in each episode so that they can also promote their latest movies and reach out to their audience. The guests also sportingly participate in the skits and laugh and enjoy along with team and audience.

Comedy nights with kapil online in Nepal

Comedy Nights with Kapil has been one of the most popular shows in Indian television industry and has also been one of the highest TRP earning shows. Kapil Sharma has been able to earn immense respect and recognition via this show. His stand-up comedy and talent had no doubt prior to the show too but this show helped him climb up higher in terms of success. He has been awarded with various prestigious titles and awards and has been a very popular celebrity. He recently landed on Nepal too and he said that it was to reciprocate love of the Nepalese fans. His show that has already made over 170 episodes is expected to make more centuries and always make us laugh.

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Comedy Nights with Kapil Online in Nepal

Comedy Nights with Kapil has huge number of views in Nepal too. This outstanding show of Indian comedian Kapil Sharma is popular in Nepal. Being premiered on 22 June 2013 on Colors TV, this show rose to popularity in quick succession and has been able to become one of the best shows in Indian Television industry. The show invites celebrities also helping them promote their latest films. The casts of the show bring contemporary issues and mix them with comedy also including the guests. The show comes on Colors TV every Saturday and Sunday night at 10 pm IST (10:15 NST).

Comedy Nights with Kapil in Nepal

The show has already made over 170 successful episodes. The slang Baba Ji Ka Thullu has become sensation and is often heard from Nepalese tongue too. Kapil Sharma, himself is outstanding stand-up comedian and with assistance of his brilliant cast, he has been successful in entertaining not only India but Nepal and other nations too. The show also helped Kapil earn Entertainer of the Year award for 2013 at CNN-IBN Indian of the Year awards.

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Comedy Nights with Kapil online

The cast of Comedy Nights with Kapil comprises himself as Host, Bittu Sharma, Sittu and various characters. Navjot Singh Sidhu is permanent guest whose SHERs add more freshness to the show. Ali Asgar becomes Dolly Sharma (Daadi). Sumona plays as wife to Kapil, Manju Sharma. Sunil Grover plays as Gutthi, Kapil’s father in law and various characters. Other characters include Palak, Pinky Sharma Raju, Ramu etc. Incredible chemistry of all the cast members has been able to make everyone laugh out loud.

The show has made huge mark and success among Nepalese fan. Nepal has also adored the work of Kapil and his cast a lot. This was marked by recent visit of Kapil Sharma in Nepal. There had been an incident when Kapil had mistaken about Nepal related issue but he immediately apologized which Nepalese appreciated sportingly.

Indian comedy TV show Comedy Nights with Kapil has huge reception in Nepal. We feel entertained by each dose of comedy Kapil and his cast address. Being premiered from June 2013, the show is continuously climbing height of success. The show addresses everyday issues in a common man life. Kapil stands as character and provides take on issues with strokes of comedy and his cast assist him brilliantly.

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Comedy Nights with Kapil has really very talented cast. Ali Asgar, Sumona Chakravarti, Sunil Grover, Naseem Vicky, Soni Singh, Upasana Singh, Navjot Singh Sidhu, all of them are excellent in their roles and responsibilities. Guthi, Daadi, Mrs Sharma, Palak all create lots of funny skits that compels us to laugh till our stomach starts aching and we feel exhausted. It feels like these entire characters make this show complete and they have also started becoming part of our daily actions. Lots of components of the show are having impact on us.

We enjoy using Kapil’s slang Baba Ji Ka Thullu and Sidhu’s Sher add extra spice. This show comes on Colors TV at 10 pm IST every Saturday and Sunday. Repeat telecasts also come time and often. The show has helped Kapil earn lots of recognition. He was himself a talented actor and comedian but this show helped him reach to significant height. He was also designated with the award of Entertainer of the Year in 2013. He has earned huge respect in the heart of Nepalese too. Nepalese viewers love him and his show and in order to reciprocate this love, he recently visited Nepal. His show was cancelled but despite of organizers informing him about cancellation of the show, he visited Nepal stating that he cannot remain away visiting Nepal.

The show has completed more than 170 episodes and we wish him all the best for completing hundreds of awesome episodes and keep us entertaining.