After a long wait the schooling system of Nepal has finally changed a bit. SLC is termed as SEE and SEE is evaluated in terms of grades. This way students feel less pressurized than they used to before.


Grading system is now used in evaluation of SEE results but still many people are confused with it. The basic motto of introducing the grading system is to discourage the definite marking system which demotivates students but it is more sad when people convert the grades into percentage. This way again, comparison starts. Many people don’t still understand the value of grading system. The best thing about grading system is that it doesn’t categorize any students as failed students. This way no students get demotivated and discouraged.

Types of grades                 

There are total of nine  grades in the grading system as  A+, A, B+, B, C+, C, D, D+, and E . A+ grade is termed as the best eventually reaching to E which is the least best. Grading system simply categorizes results rather than giving definite marks as in 87 percentage or 75 percentage. It doesn’t term anyone as the best and anyone as the worst. It just puts everyone is similar category. Grading system definitely reduce the competition between the students. This prevents unnecessary pressure and tension.

 Students willing to take up any course after SEE must secure minimum GPA assigned to each subject. There are different requirement in different college so it is not easy to get admission in your desired college in desired faculty. The article lists some option students can choose from after SEE. I am listing few courses that students can do as part of their higher studies.

Plus Two 

Plus two is always the most preferred option of Nepalese students . For past few years majority of students choose +2 as their option for higher studies . But here is something you should know before you wish to join + 2, a student must get at least 1.6 GPA and  at least D grade in social studies to be able to join plus 2.


There are many who aspire to choose science for higher studies with a dream to become doctors, engineers, pure science scholars and so on.  Each college have their own criteria but A student needs to have a minimum of 2.00 GPA to study science and similarly  C Plus in compulsory Science and Mathematics, and D Plus in Nepali, English and Social Studies. I have seen many students choosing science just because they got good result sin SLC and they have to regret it later on. So while you choose any faculty ,choose something that you want to and where you want to make future in . Don’t  take decision based on your results but your interest.


Management is the other choice of Nepali students after +2. If you want to make your future in corporate field, business sector and in management related field then you should take management in + 2. There are many good management colleges in Nepal. One of the best thing about choosing Management is that it is taught in morning shift so you are free the whole day. You can do some internship and build your professional skills in that time.

Having said that it is also not easy to get admission  in good college. Of course all the colleges have own criteria but you must secure a 1.6 GPA, with D Plus grade in English, Mathematics Science, Nepali and Social Studies.


Humanities is another plus two course. It is for those people who want to build their career in arts field, social work .You need to have minimum of 1.6 GPA with D plus in English, Nepali and Social Studies .


 The other field is Education. Students  who wish to study education in +2 must have minimum GPA of  1.6 with D plus grade in social studies .


Students also have the option of directly joining law after their SEE. Previously Law was available for bachelors only but now in high school as well you can start with law. Only few colleges for now offer Law in +2. To study law you need minimum GPA of 1.6 with D plus in English, Nepali and Social Studies.

 A Levels and IB

If you don’t want to study the conventional +2 then a level and IB is the right choice for you. You have a chance to get international degree in Nepal. With you’re a level and IB degree you can choose to go abroad or study in Nepal itself .

However getting enrolled in a levels and IB is quite tough. First of all there are very few colleges who offer good quality international degree and secondly the criteria is tough. Also international degree is quite expensive than regular + 2.You need a 3.25 GPA in SEE if you wish to study international degree.

A levels

 A levels was started in Nepal in 1986  as Cambridge International AS and A Level. The Cambridge AS and A level are equivalent to our Plus two. A levels prepare student for international education system. It enhances the student’s knowledge broadening it and providing practical education to them.  A level also provide a lot of options to students . Students can choose from 55 subjects . Also students have choice to attend the class regularly or not. Students learn their way without pressure and strict rules.

International Baccalaureate (IB)

 Similar to A level, IB is another international course for SEE appeared students . This is more strict compared to A levels. It was started in Nepal in 1968 and till then only few schools like Ullens and Premier international school offers this course. This is a two year long course where students study six compulsory courses .

Technical courses under CTEVT 

 The importance of technical education have been realized by people over past few years. There are many people who join technical courses right after SEE because they give practical knowledge and can assure job very soon. You can even start your own firm after these technical courses. These technical and vocational courses are 18 months long and students who have less than 1.6 GPA can join these courses. For now only CTEVT offer these courses and have 25000 seats for different courses like overseers in civil electrical and mechanical engineering,  lab assistant, entrepreneurship development, ANM, and CMA courses . Also there are 1 year long course that students can take up as in cooking, plumbing, welding, carpentry, wiring and so on. However for joining staff nursing students must have 2.0 GPA with C grade in English, Mathematics and Science. For overseer you need 2.00 GPA with C in Mathematics and Science and a D Plus in English.