Even though COVID variant BF.7 has affected several people in Nepal, The educational institution has planned to conduct exams like Lok Sewa exams and other purposes.

Notice Date:Dec 30, 2022

The local transmission rate and recommendations from public health authorities will determine whether to undertake these exams during the COVID variant BF.7 in Nepal. It’s critical to consider the dangers and advantages of doing the exams and heed medical professionals’ advice. We must exercise caution because even though the BF.7 variety has not been found in Nepal, it has been found in China and India.

COVID variant BF.7 in Nepal  Health minister issues alert  Is is safe to conduct exam

Alert from Nepal Health Ministry COVID variant BF.7

On Saturday, the Ministry of Health and Population of Nepal warned the public over the appearance of a new COVID variant BF.7 and suggested that people cover themselves in public. According to a press release from the Nepal Health Ministry, the new Covid-19 strain has not yet been identified in Nepal. However, the Himalayan nation must be on guard because of its expanding influence with its neighbors.

The ministry also urged members of the general public who have not yet received the COVID-19 booster dose to visit their local hospital to get the shot. (ANI) . The health ministry has also urged individuals to embrace health standards like the required use of masks, maintaining physical distance, washing hands, and routine use of sanitizers because it is the holiday season and the New Year.

Is it safe to conduct an exam?

Since Exams are planned to be held in Nepal during the COVID-19 BF.7 variant.

The choice to conduct these exams will be based on public health regulations and local transmission rates.
It is crucial to consider putting preventive measures into place to lessen the danger of transmission during exams. Actions include promoting vaccination, mandating masks, enforcing physical seclusion, promoting hand hygiene, sanitizing and disinfecting the exam room, and considering alternate exam forms.

Depending on the circumstances in a given location and the advice of public health officials, the necessary preventative actions may change. It’s also crucial to abide by any applicable laws or rules.

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