CTVET (Council for Technical and Vocational Education and Training) is a national autonomous apex body in the sector of providing TVET (Technical and Vocational education and training) to its students. It started providing its services to produce skilled manpower for the national and international market since 2045 BS (1989 AD). Its office is located in Sanothimi, Bhaktapur, Nepal. CTEVT is working with the vision of Skilling Nepal for People’s Prosperity and with the mission to promote Technical and Vocational Education and Training to develop a competent workforce for the national and international market need. CTEVT provides academic, practically oriented learning examination and publishes CTEVT result through official website of ctevt.org.np.

CTEVT in Nepal

CTEVT provides the technical and vocational education and training through its affiliated schools, annexe schools and constituted schools that are spread all over the country. There are more than 250 CTEVT affiliated Schools, 8 annexe schools and 21 constituted schools which provide CTEVT courses through two programs: Vocational Training Provision and Technical Education Provision. Vocational Education provision provided vocational training in the areas of Animal Sciences, Plant Sciences, Cooking/ Baking, Civil, Computer, Secretarial/Management, Mechanical and Miscellaneous as per the needs and demands of people that range from 39 hours to 1500 hours. These come under the curriculum of short-term training. Technical Education Provision provides TSLC certificate and diploma level certificate in various programs under then main areas, Agriculture, Engineering and Health.

ctevt ctevt.org.np

ctevt ctevt.org.np

The organisational structure of CTEVT consists of Assembly that comprises of 24 members. All the policy making functions are associated with it. Under the Assembly, there is a council of 9 members which is the executing body. For both the Assembly and the Council, the chairperson is Minister of Education. The council has a full-time Vice-Chairperson and Member Secretary.

CTEVT programs are attractive as they are said to be providing more job opportunities to the people. Various research studies have shown that more than 70 percent of CTEVT graduates on an average are employed (including self-employment). As it also has an academic ladder, CTEVT graduates can opt for higher education opportunities.

All information regarding CTEVT can be found on its official website www.ctevt.org.np. The detail information about its programs, curriculum, divisions, latest updates, institutions, exams, results, scholarships, research publications, its contact method is provided on the website. The website is managed and updated regularly. So, if you need any information about CTEVT, its website is the best option for you.

How to check CTEVT result from CTEVT.ORG.NP

CTEVT conducts examinations regularly to evaluate the students. The CTEVT result of these examinations is also published on the website. If you want to check your CTEVT result, you can follow the following procedure.

  • In your browser, go the official website of CTEVT, ctevt.org.np.
  • In the homepage, you can see the pictures of chairperson and other respected people at the top.
  • Scroll down, and you can see different boxes providing you to the links of different information that you need.
    ctevt result

    ctevt result

  • There are boxes for notice board, result, latest updates, scholarships, publications and contacts.
  • In the box of results, click on more>> at the bottom.
  • It will open to the page with a list of results.
  • All the results are in the same list. There is no categorization of the result according to specific areas. So you will have to find the particular result that you have been searching for. If it has been published, it will be present there.
  • Click the particular result you are looking. Then, the link will be provided to you on the new page. The result, Download, etc. can be written there which will lead you to a pdf viewer of your CTEVT result.
  • In the CTEVT result, find the name of your institute. Total candidates passed candidates, a percentage of passed candidates and the symbol number of candidates who passed is given in the respective row of the institution. Find your symbol number there and know your result.