Before you register your car you have to buy compulsory third party or CTP insurance. CTP is also known as Green Slip in NSW (New South Wales). CTP insurance covers your liability, if you or someone who drives your car cause injury to someone else, including your passengers in an accident. If you don’t have CTP insurance or your vehicle isn’t registered, you might be liable to any injury and face many other penalties where you might have to pay thousands of dollars. CTP insurance doesn’t cover your own car damage, other’s property or vehicles. For these type of cover you might need to take other cover. Well it’s true that all the CTP policies provide similar level of cover at similar level of price, whatever insurer you choose, some insurance such as NRMA CTP insurance offers addition at fault. At fault means that if you are the driver of a car or responsible for accident you might also claim up to five hundred thousand cover for certain insurance. CTP insurance is regulated by the murder accidents authority of NSW and other insurance company.  In part of your CTP premium funds special care for injured children and life time care for people who has suffered catastrophic injury in the broad traffic accident that’s a peace of mind  for the whole community.


As you can see CTP is very important and is compulsory. And in a huge country such as Australia where you have huge range of insurance companies you can choose from, it might be overwhelming to go through the list choose the one which is best suitable for you. So to make things little easier for you, here are top 5 CTP (Also known as Green Slip) insurance company in Australia.

  1. AAMI Insurance

AAMI Insurance is one of the Australia’s largest and most awarded insurers. It has a huge rage of insurance you can take from home insurance, to health to vehicle and all that good jazz. AAMI provides you services such as 24/7 real person customer service and also provides fast and fuss free online services and also enables customers to buy the insurance online and receive immediate policies. CTP in AAMI covers you for the injuries that you might have caused to other people including drivers, passengers, and pedestrians. But the CTP does not cover damage to your vehicle or other vehicles or properties. AAMI has a fast and easy processes and gives you good deal. This company has its rating high since 49years and has an amazing reputation when it comes to CTP insurance.


Allianz is known as the fourth largest insurance company in Australia that provides a range of policies that is best suited for both personal and business needs. Allianz is actually originally based in Germany but here in Australia they have over 3,300 staff.  Allianz also provide their policies and services online, it has a huge range of options available online for a costumer to choose from that covers over 2000occipatoions. And the best part is that you have a really flexible payment options including pay by the month.ctp insurance

  1. GIO

GIO is a really popular well known for its CTP insurance because of the policies it provides. It is simple and fuss free with 4minute online quoting. The GIO company provides something called driver cover plus compensates drivers, which means that who a cause motor vehicle accident and are injured, or the driver’s estate or dependents if the driver is at fault is killed as a result of accident. GIO provides an Automatic NSW Green Slip payment notification to RMS.  Cover plus Policy has its own limitation, exclusion and conditions that you can check on the policy document that is found on the official GIO site.

  1. NRMA Insurance

NRMA has a great range of policies to protect you. NRMA provides at-fault Driver Cover that basically means if you’re the responsible for causing an accident, it can cover you up to $500,000 for injuries. The staffs takes a special care of your claim and ensures that those who has been injured can access rehabilitation and health care professionals. There is a really cool features that NRMA provides which is called Loyalty Discount. It basically means the longer you stay with NRMA and the more eligible policies you have the more discount you get in return. Other features are online payment available and also  by phone with Visa and MasterCard, payment at post office or at any of the 220 branches across the state.


  1. QBE

QBE is Australia’s largest international insurance group. QBE is a major Australian company which services customers both in Australia and around the world. QBE is an Australian success story that has grown to become the part of one of the 20 largest insurance company in Australia around the world is now operating in 52 different countries. It offers consistently competitive premiums for drivers aged 30 or over who have zero demerit points on their license. There hassle free renewals and great rates with online purchase and payment.

So basically these are the list of top 5 best, highest rating companies that are in the Australian market competition to give you best policies, features and benefits as possible. Choose the one according to your taste and preferences. Good Luck!!