Tribhuvan University has introduced a new course called Data Science Masters or Masters in Data Science. A master’s in data science is a degree that teaches students how to handle and comprehend large amounts of data. Learning math, computer science, and statistics are examples of this. Additionally, learning about specialized topics like finance or medicine may be involved.

Notice Date: January 12, 2023

This degree may also lead to practical projects and internships that allow graduates to gain experience handling data. You often need to be proficient in math and computer science and maybe pass some exams to be accepted into this program. After earning this degree, you can work in various areas, such as finance or healthcare, and perform data-related tasks. TU offers a two-year study called “Data Science Masters” or “Masters in Data Science” (MDS). Course Information, Employment Prospects, and Data Science Masters Syllabus.

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Data Science Masters or Masters in Data Science  Course Information, Employment Outlook, and Syllabus 2023

Course Information, Employment Outlook, and Syllabus 2023 of Data Science Masters or Masters in Data Science

Students will be equipped by this exceptional interdisciplinary program to gather, clean, store, and query data from various sources, assess and address decision-making needs, apply suitable analytic techniques to support decision-making, and effectively communicate actionable information and findings. Students will graduate with the abilities required to excel in their vocations.

TU data science masters Eligibility

The following are some crucial details regarding Tribhuvan University’s master’s program in data science‘s qualifying requirements:

Students must hold a Bachelor’s degree with a solid foundation in mathematics and computation, including calculus, linear algebra, and basic statistics training.
For example, B Sc CSIT, B Math Sc, B Sc (Math), B Sc (Stat), B Sc/BA with Math/Stat in the first two years, BE, BIT, and BCA are all acceptable majors (with two Math and one Stat).

Duration and Course Type

  • It is a two-year, full-time curriculum that lasts for four semesters.
  • The curriculum offers a range of elective courses that may change from year to year, along with required introductory courses in arithmetic, statistics, computer science, and information technology.
  • The curriculum requires 60 credits in total to be completed.
  • The course contains theoretical and practical components, projects, seminars, internships, and a thesis.
  • The curriculum is meant to give students a solid basis in the principles of mathematics, statistics, and computer science and the abilities and know-how required to comprehend and analyze vast and intricate data sets.
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