Dhanushadham Municipality has announced a vacancy for an assistant computer operator. The notice was released on the service agreement regarding employment recruitment by Dhanushadham Municipality. Interested candidates are requested to fill out the form.

Notice Date:- Last updated Dec 25, 2022

Dhanushadham, also referred to as the famed area of Mithila, is significant from a religious, historical, cultural, and tourist perspective. It is where, during Mata Jankiji’s marriage ceremony, Shri Ram pulled Shiva’s bow, which broke into three parts. The municipality of Dhanushadham is situated in the Janakpur zone’s Dhanusha district. On Baisakh 25, 2071, Dhanusha Gobindpur, Dhanushadham, Umaprempur, and Yajnabhumi were combined to form this municipality. Nine wards make up this municipality. The Dhanushadham Municipality’s administrative centre is situated in the market there.

Dhanushadham Municipality has a position open for an assistant computer operator.

More about the position open for an assistant computer operator at Dhanushadham Municipality

Assistant Computer Operator:

Dhanushadham Municipality has invited a 4th-level Assistant Computer Operator to work under it at Dhanushadham Municipality & ward offices.

Seat Available:- eleven (11)

Process of selection:

“Procedures relating to managing contract employees in Dhanushadham municipality 2076” govern this.

Application form fee:

There will be a Rs. 700 application fee

Qualifications required to apply for an assistant computer operator at Dhanushadham Municipality

  • a SEE certification from a recognized educational institution with at least six months of computer training from a registered institution, or a pass on the SLC or an equivalent exam from a recognized educational institution.
  • According to this rule, men must be at least 18 years old and no older than 35, and women must be at least 18 years old and no older than 40.
  • Other existing laws should not prohibit it.

Documentation requires

  • a verified copy of your academic records.
  • Certified copy of Nepal’s citizenship document.
  • A copy of your proof of employment.
  • Receipt for the money paid.
  • As evidence of residency, please present a citizenship or immigration certificate from Nepal or a recommendation for permanent residence.

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