DOTM- Department of Transport Management Nepal has published a notice regarding the start of the online application form for driving licenses.

Notice date: Dec 4, 2022

For the efficient management of transportation, the Department of Transport Management was founded in 2041 B.S. According to the Vehicle and Transport Management Act of 2049 and the Vehicle and Transport Management Rules of 2054, the goal of this department and its affiliation is to offer the general public and goods carriers a safe, dependable, and simple mode of transportation.

Notifying users that the online driving license application process has begun

For the benefit of all parties involved, it has been announced that the department’s online driver’s license application process will reopen on Sunday, Mangsir 11, 2079, following the recent House of Representatives and State Assembly elections.

Department of Transport Management closed Nepal’s online driving license form on Mangsir 1, 2079. Employees of the government returned to their regular jobs when the election ended. We can all agree that many things that were closed will now begin.

How to apply for an online driving license?

The official website of the Department of Transportation should be your first stop ( Choose “Online Driver’s License System” from the list of “Important Links” on the right side of the website. Select from the menu at the top of the screen to register for an online driver’s license. Navigate to the category on the new page, choose New License, Renew License, or Copy, and then press the “Proceed” button. You may see the form after clicking “Proceed.”

It then says, “Applicant Saved Successfully.” then click OK. Finally, your form is complete after you click “print.” If your online driver’s license application is approved, you must print the completed page and carry it with you at all times. Your biometric data may be on the paper.

Interested candidates are requested to apply for the online form as soon as possible and get their driving license since it is not easy to get a license in Nepal.

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