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Nepal’s transportation authority has brought a significant change in the driving license Nepal documentation process and driving license Nepal application. One can fill driving license form online now. You won’t have to stand in the queue to get the application form. You can browse the internet, log in to the official website of the transportation authority and fill the form online. Following simple procedures shall help you apply for the driving license in Nepal. Just before some months, someone needing to ask for the permission had to wait and stand in the queue for hours. Things have changed now. You save a tremendous amount of time not having to visit the transportation authority and stand in the line for hours.

Nepal Government has made this substantial step with a view of making things comfortable for the citizens of the nation. Moreover, it is also a move exhibiting going hand-in-hand with the progressing world of technology. Time had gone when all things were dealt with paper. The world is digitising, and departments are also aware of the tedious process of handling paper works. Documentation is much easier via computer. There were times when one had to get up early in the morning to queue up to get the form and then fill and submit. But you needn’t worry anymore as you can now fill driving license form online in Nepal.

Driving License Nepal Form online

Here is step by step tutorial that will help you fill driving license Nepal form online.

Step 1: Go to the link

driving license nepal

It will lead you to the official website of Government of Nepal, Ministry of Physical Infrastructure and Transport, Department of Transport Management – Nepal Electronic Driving License and Vehicle Registration System

Step 2: You will see a drop-down menu. It lets you chose your citizenship. This is a mandatory field.

Clicking on the Proceed button will lead you to the next page where you fill detail form.

Step 4: You will see aform where you will have to submit your demographic details. The fields with * mark are mandatory. Fill the form carefully and make sure all the details you provide are correct and are as per the national identity card or passport issued. Some fields include Applicant First Name, Applicant Last Name, Age, Occupation, Blood Group, Citizenship No, Passport No, Identity Mark, Witness First Name, Witness Last Name and others. As you notice, this system also makes a database of information like blood groups.

Don’t rush while filling the form. Take your time and try submitting the form without any error. After you are done filling the form, submit it pressing done button.

Further, you can follow up and always make an enquiry about your status and process for further steps in possessing the license.

So, just sitting in the corner of your room or a cafe, you can complete application process without any hassle or heat up in the queue in a hot sunny day. Should you have any other confusions regarding Filling Driving License Form Online you can always get to us. We are always dedicated to your service. You can stay updated on our website for more informative articles.

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  1. is witness name is important?? can we put our brother name in it?? should we call the witness in ekantakuna office?
    what to do after submitting the form online??

    1. Jeni, About this update, you need to call your nearest license division and find it out. Driving test date is different everywhere throughout the country. Thanks

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