Previously, Drones were most often associated with the military for information gathering and lately, as weapons platforms. In Nepal as well, drones are now being used in search and rescue work, surveillance, traffic monitoring, weather monitoring. While these drones are used by the authorities a personal drone can be used by anyone by taking required permits. The basic aim for using personal drones is for drones based photography and making videos.

A personal drone is also known as a hobby or consumer drone. The best thing about the drones in photography and videography is that it can reach places that otherwise would have been impossible to reach, specially with its remote controlled system you can use it anywhere.

Drone and Nepal

It is not possible to fly a drone easily in Nepal because of security reasons. You first need permit from the concerned authority. Imagine someone peeking on your personal life. Well, that is what a drone is able to do. As long as it is used for a good cause that doesn’t harm anyone it is a good thing. Any government must be attentive regarding the use of drones.drone price in nepal

There are strict rules and regulations regarding the use of drones in Nepal. There are only few distributors of drones in Nepal but the number has increased in few years. Star trading a subsidiary of the Jyoti group is one of the authorised distributor of DJI drones in Nepal. Before we list the price of drone in Nepal, let us list the conditions you need to follow to use a drone here in Nepal.

  • Civil Aviation is authority that controls the use of drones. You need permit from Civil Aviation Authority to use a drone.
  • Considering privacy of people, drones shouldn’t be flew over crowds of People.
  • You can’t fly your drones over military camps and other sensitive authorities of the country.
  • Flying drones near airport or on the path of an aircraft is strictly prohibited.
  • You are not allowed to fly drones in night. You can fly it in then day only and make sure you don’t affect anyone’s privacy.

Price list of DJI drone in Nepal

List of DJI Drones in Nepal Price in NRs
DJI Spark NRs 65,000
DJI Phantom 3 standard NRs 68,000
DJI Mavic Pro NRs 1,36,000
DJI phantom 4 NRs 1,60,000
DJI Phantom 4 Pro NRs 2,15,000

This prices may differ in different shops. Also you can buy drones in second hand market as well. We can’t assure the quality but you will definitely get your dream gadget at very low price. There are other drones as well which cost very less but are nothing compared to the drones mentioned here in the list. You can buy drone from Amazon shopping also. It is easy to do amazon shopping from Nepal. We will be listing other drones in coming articles.