EDV 2024 US Visa Lottery has been opened to the public. EDV form online is available here. According to the time estimate, people can fill out online application forms for EDV 2024 from October 5, 2022, to November 8, 2022. Visit the official website, dvprogram.state.gov, to fill out the registration form if you want to apply for the EDV program 2024. For your convenience, we have briefly covered the entire DV registration process in this post.

edv 2023 fill online form for free

EDV ( Electronic Diversity Lottery ) is a lottery system by which applicants from eligible countries can get United States Green Card. It is a step taken by the US government to increase diversity in the states and fill the labour shortage in America. Though different attempts have been made to eliminate the EDV, it is open till now as well.

EDV is the best way to enter the US with a green card. It is a cheap way. It is said it only costs around 2 to 4 lakhs to go to the US after you win an EDV lottery system (airfare and other miscellaneous expenses).

EDV 2022 form

Application Form Opens on 5th October 2022.
Last Date for application is 8th November 2022.

EDV lottery 2024 is now open; you can complete your application directly from home. For 2024, you will apply this year in 2022, and the result will be published in 2023 and head to the USA in 2024. The application period for the 2022 Diversity Visa (DV) program is from October 5, 2022, and closes on November 8, 2022.

EDV form 2023
EDV form Online on dvlottery.state.gov

The application fee for EDV is free, and you can also fill it out from your home. These consultancies charge you a very high price for filling out the lottery, which is free. They take high service charge so, I recommend you to fill it by yourself. It is barely a lottery, and it does not matter if you apply from a consultancy, US Embassy, or your home. Just think wisely and use it at your convenience.

The application fee is free for the DV lottery. It is better if the applicants apply on their own as it is free of cost. US Embassy also discourages consultant’s services.

After listing your name on your winner list on the official EDV website, you will have an interview with US Embassy, and after that, only another process starts. The minimum criteria for submitting EDV 2024 application is completing higher secondary education. Generally, we call it a grade 12 completion. There are no further requirements for submitting the EDV form rather than that. While filling up the forms, as mentioned on the website, you must have good photo quality, and the details must be submitted correctly without any mistakes.

EDV program has specific rules along with terms and conditions. One primary applicant can apply only one time. If she/he applies more than once, his application will be void. US Embassy also requests the public not to fall for a scam when applying for a Diversity Visa. EDV program is free, and you should not pay a single penny for form submission.

US Embassy strongly recommends that you submit the application and not use a consultant. You do not need to use a consultant for this process and should be very careful that you get all the information you need – and that belongs to you – if you get help from anyone during the application process.

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EDV, also known as Diversity Visa (DV), allows individuals to settle in the United States with a green card. EDV is the cheapest way to enter the US.

EDV lottery program 2024 starts in 2022 with the online form submission. EDV 2024 results will be published in 2023. Winners can go to the USA in 2024. That is why it is called the EDV lottery program 2024.

Submitting forms online is an easy process. It does not take time more than 10 minutes to submit the EDV form online. Lucky winners selected through the computerized process will settle in the United States of America.

EDV lottery program 2024 starts in 2022 with the online form submission. EDV 2024 result is published in 2023. Winners can go to the USA in 2024. That is why it is called EDV lottery program 2024.

Submitting form online is an easy process. It does not take time more than 10 minutes to submit EDV form online. Lucky winners selected through the computerized process will settle in the United States of America.

EDV 2024 lottery registration

EDV lottery registration form for 2022 is open from October 5, 2022, to November 8, 2022. People who wish to settle in the US can apply for the EDV program in 2024. There is a well-said proverb-“time and tide wait for none .”Yes, you must submit the form by November 8, 2022, to participate in the lottery system.

EDV Lottery 2024: Eligibility Criteria

EDV apply 2024 process is easy enough. Although cyber cafe and photo studios charge for filling out forms, EDV is free. People can directly apply online from https://www.dvlottery.state.gov/ to apply for EDV 2024.

There are very few criteria to take part in the lottery program.

  • EDV lottery program criteria are very minimum.
  • Applicants must have completed a higher secondary level of education or equivalent to filling up the EDV form.
  • Applicants must provide genuine information during form submission.
  • Photos from the past six months of you, your spouse, and each child are indicated on the application.
  • You must be from a nation that qualifies for DV.
  • This program has rules and regulations and does not accept a form with the same name twice. If you are a couple, you can apply twice. Make you a primary applicant once and your spouse a primary applicant on the second.

EDV Application Instruction

If you are filling up the EDV lottery form from your home, you must have the correct size photo. The photo tool provided by EDV will help you to correct the photo size. You must not forget to print the confirmation code available to print after submitting your application. EDV 2023 has warned users to use the correct photo size during form submission. If users submit incorrect-sized photos, the application will be automatically disqualified. To date, many Nepalese have settled in the United States after winning the EDV lottery. We would like to wish good luck to you everyone who is filling up the EDV form 2022.

We had already published a list of all EDV winners in the previous year. This year, we will publish the list of EDV winners in wapnepal.com.np as soon as the result is out. We request you submit your application carefully and wisely for this application period.

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In our next article, we will publish more information about EDV and plan to post a video guide instructing the procedure to submit the EDV form online.

EDV 2023 online application process has been started.

EDV 2022 Application Deadlines

Start Date of EDV 2022 application: October 7, 2022
End date of EDV 2022 application: November 5, 2022

Photo tool for EDV 2022: This photo tool corrects your photo size and makes it perfect for EDV application 2022 (EDV 2022 Link for photo tool)

EDV 2022 instructions: This instruction provides sufficient knowledge on EDV 2022 and covers everything you wish to learn.

You can submit EDV 2022 form online in an easy way. This almost takes only 20 minutes to complete the form. You can directly go to EDV’s official website and start filling out the form for EDV online.

EDV 2022 is a diversity visa by the united states of America to increase workforce diversity and cultural diversity in the states. It allows citizens from eligible countries to live and work in America for an infinite period.

How to apply EDV 2024 online from home?

In this article, I will provide complete details on how you can fill out your EDV 2022 form online without paying a rupee.

  • The official website of the EDV program is https://dvprogram.state.gov/.
  • Browse the website; for now, the status is closed. It opens on October 5, 2022, once the entry period begins. When the entry period starts, you will find an online form there, open the form and fill in your required and correct details.
  • The principal candidate must be 18 years old.
  • The minimum level of qualification is high school completion or an equivalent degree from CTEVT.
  • After filling in all the details, click on submit. You will receive a confirmation page and confirmation number. Save the confirmation number.
  • You can find out your results only through a confirmation number.

Things to remember when you apply EDV 2020 online from home

Here are a few things you need to keep in consideration while applying for EDV:

  • The application process for EDV is entirely free. The Us government doesn’t charge any fee for this service.
  • The EDV is just an easy way to work and settle in America; it doesn’t mean that your visa processing and other processes will be free of cost.
  • Only one application per person is allowed- multiple applications from the same person result in the application’s cancellation.
  • You need to submit your recent photo. At most, a six-month-old photo is accepted.
  • When you apply from home, please save your confirmation number; it is your only way to find your results.
  • Applying from any consultancies will not influence your result. The DV is a pure lottery program, and these factors have no role. Whether you apply from home, US Embassy or any renowned consultancy doesn’t matter. It is just a matter of luck.

Things to know before you submit EDV form 2024

You must submit the correct information in your form. Filling incorrect information will lead to disapproval of the visa if you are selected. EDV form is free. You can submit EDV 2022 form online for free of cost. WapNepal suggests our visitors submit their documents by themselves instead of visiting to photo studies. The process is simple and described in a simple US visa form. This makes it easier to understand. By doing this, you will be saving an almost large amount of money. Thus, it can be agreed to a great extent that EDV 2022 is easy and economical.

EDV 2024 is open from October 5, 2022, to November 8, 2022. Nepali Date of EDV 2024.

EDV 2024 important tips

  • Click a perfect photo as described on our significant update page. This link describes the ideal way of a photograph for EDV 2024. The photograph must match the requirement of the EDV program. The above link will completely guide you through a photograph.
  • Never do multiple entries. One person is allowed to fill up the form only once.
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EDV 2022 form fill online from www.dvlottery.state.gov. You can apply yourself. It’s very easy, and the process completes in 15 minutes. It is not good to go cyber and pay for the EDV form fill-up.

After filling up EDV 2022 form, you will get a confirmation page. Keep the EDV 2022 confirmation code with you. It is a must to check the EDV result for 2022.

EDV 2022 winners can go to the US in 2022 AD. The form opens and closes in 2022. It’s your luck if you are the EDV winner of 2022. Your chance can take you to the US to settle there for your future. The criteria for the DV lottery 2024 are easy, and you must have a higher secondary level of education. These are the only important things you must know about the EDV program. EDV is open to many countries. Many Nepalese have already settled in the US, being EDV winners.

EDV 2022 program ends in one month. So, you need to fill up the EDV form as soon as possible. If you have any problem regarding the EDV form fill-up, you can ask for help in the comment section below. We will guide you by giving information on filling EDV form for free. Good luck with EDV 2024.

  • Here is the link to the website through which you can fill EDV on your own: https://www.dvlottery.state.gov/
  • As soon as you enter the website, scroll down and click on the option Begin Entry. A new page will open.
  • Fill in the captcha code. Once you do that, you will reach the form. Then carefully fill out the form with the required details. If you are married, then the details of your spouse and children, if any, should be mentioned.
  • You can apply as a principal candidate, and your family can be dependent. Similarly, if your wife or husband both meet the requirements, He/she can apply as the principal applicant, and you can be dependent. This increases your chance of winning the lottery.
  • Once you fill in all the details, click continue and finally submit once you fill details of your family. You need to attach a photo as well. The photo should be clear, and your features should be visible. This year, spectacles and shades are not allowed in the photo.
  • Once you submit an application, you will receive a confirmation number. The confirmation number is very important for checking your result. Therefore take good care of that page.
  • This is how you complete your application. Make sure to fill in the details carefully and save the confirmation code. All the best!

Edv result 2024 will publish in May. Please stay on this page to get updated about EDV results.

You can join the EDV Group on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/groups/edvresult/. It is a group managed by Wap Nepal to provide information about the EDV program.