The government of Nepal (GON) has recently introduced the system of the digital number plates in vehicles (Embossed Number plates in Nepal); the embossed number plating system for vehicles.

The embossed number plate is compulsory in Bagmati and Gandaki provinces.

Local Government of Nepal

The embossed Number plate form is available online. You can fill Embossed number plates form online. Since it’s a new technology it will create a short-term inconvenience for a lot of people but it has a very good effect in long term.

GON has made a very big investment in the implementation of this system and is positive that it will give a good payback in terms of security in the future. The government of Nepal aims to use this system in 2.5 million vehicles within 5 year time period, however, this system wasn’t compulsory for those who already have a number plate. Even though the process of getting one seems tedious the future benefit is actually worth it.

How to Apply Embossed Number plate?

Here is the detailed instruction on how to get an embossed number plate:

For Kathmandu Province

If you have a two-wheeler vehicle, you can submit the application in Gurjudhara, Kathmandu. If you have a four-wheeler vehicle, you can submit an application at Ekantakuna, Lalitpur.

embossed number plate application process for Kathmandu
Embossed number plate application process for Kathmandu
  • Fill up the Embossed number plate application form online from the website of the department of transport management: then download and print the completed form.
Screenshot of Embossed Number plate application website
Screenshot of Embossed Number plate application website
  • Deposit the fee for registration in Rastriya Banijya Bank. The fee for different kinds of vehicles is allocated as:
  • Submit the printed form along with the required documents and the bank voucher in BTO. You will receive an SMS regarding your form approval, visit the BTO for your Biometric.
  • After approval of the form, you will receive a notification about your number plate is ready, visit the BTO and collect your embossed number plate.
  • Visit the transportation department to use the number plate in your vehicle.
Vehicle sizeCost of Embossed number plate in (Rs)
Two-wheeler(Motorcycles, Scooters)2500
Three-wheeler (Tampo)2900
Four-wheelers (Car, Jeep, Van)3200
Heavyweight four-wheelers (Buses, lorry)3600

Are you confused about the application process?

DOTM has a guide on how to submit embossed number plate application forms online. You can read this pdf.

Color and Size of Embossed Number Plates Nepal

The design of the number plate is similar to the international design but has the flag of Nepal on the top left and the state number will be written in the top center of the plate. The number plates are divided into 5 categories namely: President vehicle, Government vehicle, Diplomatic, Public and Private vehicle. The color combination is of 5 types according to the types of number plates:

embossed number plate nepal
embossed number plate Nepal

Colour coding of the number plates of vehicles in Nepal

  • President vehicle: white number plates with numbers and letters written in red, a similar color combination is used for Government vehicles
  • Vehicles of diplomats: white number plates with numbers and letters written in blue
  • Public vehicles: yellow number plates with letters and numbers  written in black color
  • Private vehicles: white number plates with numbers and letters written in black.

The new system of number plates has reduced the type of number plates to 5 from 23 different categories.

The front number plate is a bit longer than the back number plate which is rectangular in shape. The sizes of number plates according to the type of vehicle are fixed as below :

Types of vehiclesSize (in mm)
Light-weighted four wheelers430*110
Heavy four wheelers520*110