Employee Provident Fund Nepal, also known as Karmachari Sanchaye Kosh Nepal is an organization on the behalf of the government of Nepal to manage the provident fund of the employees of the government, private and public sector by providing financial help on retirement or separations from their jobs under the Ministry of finance. It is an approved retirement fund of the government of Nepal. Even, a private sector with more than 10 employees contributing regularly can get the membership of this fund.

Employee Provident fund

Employee Provident fund Nepal History

Back in 1934, the Army Provident fund was established with an initiative to remove the financial hardship to the army personnel after their retirement. Army personnel had to contribute some specific percentage of their salary to this fund.

Ten years later in 1944, this fund was increased to civil services employees of Kathmandu by establishing a separate organization called Nijamati Provident fund. After four years, it was extended all over the country. In 1959, the Employees Provident Fund department was established under the Ministry of Finance and Economic affairs. Under this fund, both civil services and army personnel along with the police personnel were included.

Employee Provident fund Nepal

In 1962, Karmachari Sanchaye Kosh (KSK) act was legislated under which Army Provident fund, Nijamati Provident fund, and Employee provident fund department were merged. Since then, it has been growing and today, it is one of the strong social security providing organizations in Nepal.

Employee Provident fund anniversary

Employee Provident fund Members

Employees from the army, police, civil servants, state-owned corporations and government school and colleges get automatic membership to this organization. More than 32000 offices with 466,000 employees have been contributing to KSK. Let us look at the data (November 2012). It has been taken from the official website of Employees provident fund www.web.epfnepal.com.

Coverage AreaContributorsContributing Offices
Civil (Government organizations)810003985
Nepal Police & Nepal Armed Police89000486
Nepal Army93000303
Private organizations, the corporate sector970002765

The current rate of PF is 10 % of the monthly salary.


To establish the fund as a social security organization of international standards.


  • To establish the fund as Nepal’s reputed social security organization.
  • To make the fund as a happy big family of satisfied members.
  • To contribute to the economic development of the country.

Function of KSK

The main function of KSK is to manage the provident fund of the member of the employees. Besides, it also provides social security benefits like Accident Indemnity, Funeral grant, Insurance, Participation in profit.


The head office is in Pulchowk, Lalitpur. It has also an office in Thamel, Kathmandu. Besides, it has other seven offices outside Kathmandu.  Here is the contact address of them:

Branch NameBranch HeadContact details
Head Office, PulchowkMr. Birendra Mohan Bhattarai (Dept. Chief)
Contributors services and social security
015010172 [email protected]
015010172[email protected]
015010172[email protected]
Central Office, ThamelMr. Kedar Nath Gautam (Dept. Chief)
Contributors Investment and Recovery
01-4223320 [email protected]
[email protected]
01-4223320[email protected]
[email protected]
01-4223320[email protected]
[email protected]
Branch Office, BiratnagarMr. Shanta Gautam
021-472784 [email protected]
021-472784[email protected]
021-472784[email protected]
Branch Office, PokharaMr. Bishnu Prasad Paudel
061-526811 [email protected]
061-526811[email protected]
061-526811[email protected]
Branch Office, HetaudaMr. Dinesh Kumar KC
057-524377 [email protected]
057-524377[email protected]
057-524377[email protected]
Branch Office, ButwalMr. Toparam Pandit
071-551518 [email protected]
071-551518[email protected]
071-551518[email protected]pal.com.np
Branch Office, DhangadhiMr. Ram Kaji K.C.
091-520692 [email protected]
091-520692[email protected]
091-520692[email protected]
Branch Office, Kohalpur 
081-541282 [email protected]
081-541282[email protected]
081-541282[email protected]
Branch Office, SurkhetMr. Ram Prasad Lamichhane
083-523066 [email protected]
083-523066[email protected]
083-523066[email protected]
Branch Office, DhankutaMr. Tej Prasad Khanal
026-520049 [email protected]
026-520049[email protected]
026-520049[email protected]
Singhadurbar Service CenterMr. Ram Chandra Pokhrel01-4200466 [email protected]