Nepal is a developing country. It is still on the list of least developed countries and ranks 18th in the poorest country (GDP) of the world. So, Nepal has tremendous opportunities in development. It needs a lot of talented engineers with the right attitude towards development. There is a large engineering scope in Nepal for the engineers who have potential. Besides, those with innovative and energetic minds, they can be self-employed as well as create the job opportunities in the market.

Engineering scope in Nepal

Generally, in Nepal, the most popular engineering fields are Civil, Electrical, Electronic, Computer, Mechanical, Architecture and Biomedical. Also, other specialisations in engineering like Aeronautical, Geological, Environmental, Automobile, Industrial, Agricultural are growing gradually.

engineering scope in nepal

Civil Engineer Scope in Nepal

Civil engineers have a huge market in Nepal. They are needed in the construction of roads, tunnel, bridges, dams and buildings which will last for longer. They can work in public service commission, construction project, research department, structural design, transportation & building design and water resource project.

Electrical Engineer Scope in Nepal

The growing demand of electricity in Nepal has a huge opportunity for Electrical Engineers. Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) is the main attraction. Besides, they can work in hydropower projects, transmission line design, alternative source of energies, big factories, telecommunication projects, building electrification design, manufacturing industries, etc.

electrical engineer in nepal

IT Scope in Nepal

Networking and communications are growing fast due to which electronic and communication engineers demand are rising high in the market. Digitalization trend is increasing which is good news. They can work in some big telecom companies like Nepal Telecom, Ncell, Hello Nepal, UTL, Smart cell that has a huge customer and their market is growing day by day.

Software Engineer scope in Nepal

Similarly, software, web and mobile application development market is expanding in Nepal. Many companies are in need of software engineer who can create customer-friendly apps to increase their sales. So, software engineers have an opportunity to flourish.

Mechanical Engineer scope in Nepal

The mechanical engineer has tremendous scope in cement, steel industries, power sector, hydraulics, aeronautical, manufacturing plants and much more. Biomedical engineers demand gradually increasing as there is the rapid growth of hospitals and clinics in Nepal. Architectural engineer is booming their market as people have started understanding the importance of quality and better design of the building.

Engineers as Entrepreneur

Apart from that, Nepal is a very good market for the engineers with an entrepreneurship mind. Nepal needs more job creator than job seekers. So, engineers with excellent leadership and management skills have a big chance to create their market. Engineers need to broaden their mind and explore something new.

Nepal is a landlocked country in between two big giants – China and India. China and India are the two fast-rising countries in the world while Nepal is still struggling and unable to take the advantages of two big markets. So, entrepreneur engineer from Nepal has an opportunity to enhance their market area at the international level.

In conclusion, engineering market is rapidly increasing in Nepal. It seeks a large number of dedicated engineers who can work for the betterment and development of the country. So, if you are interested and have passion for engineering, No matter which field you take, if you are committed then, you have an opportunity to rise.