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With the foreign employment having a strong grip in the productive age group of Nepal, employment in South Korea is not an exempt. Foreign employment in Korea and EPS, they are heard together in the conversation of Nepali people. After Nepal had signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the South Korean government on 31st July 2007, it became possible for Nepali youths to go to South Korea to take advantage of employment opportunities there. This scheme is also known as EPS TOPIK exam which is governed by www eps go kr.

Nepali youths have been going to South Korea for a job since 2008, and presently, there are more than 40 thousand Nepali there for work purposes. Thousands of Nepalese are vying with each other as they all have the eye on the job in Korea. The job in Korea is exciting for Nepalese as the salary is better than that they earn in Nepal. Moreover, workers get with many facilities than what they get in Nepal. Also, South Koreans consider the work as supreme. There is no discrimination between the local denizens and foreign workers. The government is labour friendly as well. Workers from 16 countries are in Korea. However, Nepalese being sincere and their working capacity being higher comparatively are in increasing demand.

eps topik


The procedure for employment in Korea subsumes EPS TOPIK examination, Job application, Labour contract conclusion, Preliminary training and Entry to Korea for employment. As one can see, EPS TOPIK examination is the vital step to be eligible as the candidate to work in South Korea.

EPS TOPIK exam requirement EPS exam eligibility

EPS TOPIK is the acronym for Employment Permit System – Test of Proficiency in Korea. EPS TOPIK is a test that is designed to measure the ability of expression and comprehension of non-native speakers of the Korean language. The official website that provided information about EPS TOPIK examination, results and other related information in Nepal is www.epsnepal.gov.np. To be eligible to give EPS TOPIK exam there are certain criteria in which the person:

Can I go to South Korea through EPS program www eps go kr?

To be eligible to give EPS TOPIK exam there are certain criteria in which the person:

  • Should be aged 18-39
  • Should not have criminal record punishable by imprisonment
  • Should not be subjected to travel ban within one’s country
  • Should possess eligibility requirements decided by both the country

EPS exam date EPS TOPIK Upcoming exam date

The notice for EPS examination is published in Kantipur or Gorkhapatra, daily newspapers in Nepal or its official website. If you also want to give EPS examination, then you should be regularly updated about it. According to the news published, the next EPS exam is going to be held in 2074 Jestha 27th and 28th (June 10th and 11th 2017). You can get the application form within Chaitra 9th to 18th 2073 (March 22nd to 31st 2014). This time, the South Korean government has asked for 10200 workers which are a high number. So, if you want to go Korea for work you should not miss this opportunity.

How to check EPS exam date?

To check the EPS exam date, the following is the procedure:

  • Go to your browser and type the website epsnepal.gov.np. The official website opens for EPS Korea Section.
    www eps go kr

    www eps go kr

  • Above the sliding gallery in the centre of the page, you can see the floating headlines which refer to the latest news regarding EPS-Korea. You can click on that.
  • Or, there are different options in the blue box, like home, about us, citizen charter, notice board downloads, gallery, etc. There, you need to select the notice board.
    eps exam date

    eps exam date

  • It opens up the latest news with title, dates published and download option. For example, you can see, Notice for EPS TOPIK ~2017. Next to it is the date announced.
  • You can hover over the titles which turn blue from red and click it which makes you download it. Or, you can directly download the notice by clicking on the download option in the respective row.
  • The notice is opened in the pdf format. There, you can find all the information regarding it including exam date, area for applying, eligibility criteria, the process to apply (this year it has changed into the online process), a place for examination and time, result publishing, exam system, necessary preparations to be done for the exam and other extra information.