Prajatantra Diwas is the celebration of freedom and democracy by Nepali People. It is the democracy day when Nepal got freed from 104 years of cruel Rana Regime and monarchy system got re-established in 1951 AD(2070 BS). It is celebrated in Falgun 7 of each year.

Rana regime was a cruel system where autocratic leaders exploited the people and they were deprived of their basic rights. All the resources and state property was owned by the Ranas and all the reputed positions and power was held by them. The dictators enjoyed unlimited power and authorities. People who dared to speak against them were killed. The four martyrs: Shukraraj Shastri, Dharma Bhakta Mathema, Gangalal Shrestha and Dashrath Chand were killed by the Ranas for speaking against them. The martyrs have a major contribution in the ending of the cruel system.Falgun 7 Democracy day Prajatantra Diwas in Nepal

Prajatantra diwas or democracy day is celebrated in Falgun 07 every year. The day is celebrated  in Tundikhel with big army march and cultural performances where high government officials also show their presence. Public holiday is announced. Basically, the day is celebration of freedom. This is the day when Nepal actually entered democratic system.


Democracy is the system of government where every citizen has the right to choose the government representatives by casting their vote. The most crucial decision of choosing the government is made by People. That’s why it is called the system of government by people and for the people. Falgun 7 is the day of democracy. The system is for welfare of people and follows certain norms as in:

  • The election is held regularly and citizen cast their vote to choose their Government.
  • There is usually many candidates so citizens have freedom of choice. They choose the one with capabilities and honesty.

Falgun 7 Democracy day Prajatantra Diwas in Nepal

Democracy provides peace, justice and freedom to every citizen despite of their gender, caste, economic standard, etc. It provides equality and inclusiveness to every citizen thus democracy is one of the best form of government where power is within the citizens.

Nepali government has always faced various changes and instability. At present, Nepal is running under democracy. People received democracy for the first time in 2007 BS after the end of rana regime. Nepal again got democracy in 2015 BS which couldn’t succeed because of weakness of political leaders. Thus again in 2046 BS, democracy was re-introduced with multiparty system. Continuing the first peoples movement ,second peoples movement happened in Nepal in 2062 BS aiming the end of rule of the present King Gyanendra Shah which became quite successful and Nepal again received democracy.

Though Nepal got democracy after so much of struggle, Nepal hasn’t yet been able to utilize it and move towards  stability.  Majority of Nepalese are still living in crisis  and poverty. Political instability still exists and country hasn’t been able to move towards development. Still every year we celebrate democracy day on Falgun 7 with the hope that country will move towards prosperity and development.