Getting a job in Australia can sometimes be very stressful. You might worry not knowing what to do, what to look for and very unsure of where to go and get a job or what do you require. It can be a crazy ride for sure but don’t worry buckle up your seatbelts and let this article guide you to the ride. International students are more confused and they do not know the techniques on how to find job in Australia. It is not so much hard to find Australia jobs.


If you are an international student or citizen, make sure you have your working visa. For students after graduating you can extend your visa up to 18months till then you can find a job and move to the process of getting a working visa. Visa is important because it will be illegal for the organisation to hire you if you don’t have a working visa. And trust me getting caught will be a great hustle and you’ll not only be sent to your country, but also charges may be put on you, so stay safe and out of the trouble.

How to find Job in Australia


You might be just moving into Australia with your working visa, but can you be sure that all your qualification and courses you have done are acknowledged and equivalent to the Australian qualifications? Or also, you might have studied or graduated in Australia, but you still need to crosscheck your relevancy of your qualification depending on which place you took your qualification. As sometimes you might have to some extra courses, known as the bridge course to match your qualification to the standard Australian qualification. So search up or consult with the education board of Australia or look up to the Australian Skills Recognition Information website to check. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

how to find job in Australia


Something you have to keep in mind is that if you want something you have to work for it. Going to the right places, seeking for opportunities and working that butt off is needed. You can’t just stay home and wait for the opportunity to knock your door and be like “Hi, were you waiting for me? “ No right, you have to work for it. Search for online websites, depending on your field, check all the online websites that will be listed at the bottom of this article. Not all vacancies all listed online, so it’s better to check newspaper listing for the vacancies. And if you are unsure of what you want to do, check for a job in industry sector as it has the most growth percentage. And also it is not compulsory that the vacancies will be listed or advertised so make use of your social medias, social group and connections to check if there are any vacancies for you. Attend for as much as interviews as you possibly can, looking up for online interviews is also nowadays possible, so listen to that too.

How to find Job in Australia techniques

hard to find Australia jobs


Make a CV, often also known as the resume. Because when you apply for a job, it is what they see at first. CV is the first step on how to find job in Australia. The first impression will be the last, so make sure your CV is good enough to make an impact so that they will shortlist you. CVs should be simple but effective and also as brief as possible because no organisation out of all applications, will be willing to go through pages of your application. So the tips are to make sure its short but very effective, also most important make it an Australian format. Make a simple cover letter stating that you’ve a working visa and a permission and all your contact details and where you currently live or planning to live. Make sure to send your CV and tailored cover letter together.

hard to find Australia jobs? You must try this


Don’t ever expect to hop on a managerial post. Or expect a good salary unless you have enough experience. Try part-time jobs, volunteering or any social works or even attend events to gain experience and knowledge. It’s basically like taking little steps to reach the top. So be active and take any job if possible to gain more work experience because the organisation will be looking for an experienced worker. Gaining experience whether being paid or unpaid is the second step on how to find job in Australia.


Follow up with a job provider is a secret technique of getting a job. Don’t hesitate or be shy to call the organisation and ask if they have got your application and you have been expecting a reply. Make sure not to overwhelm them with your phone calls, but it ‘s nice to call every week to seek for any information about the job application. Also, another great tip is to always after you’ve attended an interview write a thank you letter or contact the interviewer thanking for their time and the opportunity. This dedication will show your drive and interest towards your job and organisation.

So lastly I hope you had a good ride and we made it easier for you. Good luck !!


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Consultancy and guidance websites

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