Nepal is a country one of its kind. It is amazing from so many aspects. From people to its natural beauty everything about Nepal is just amazing. And we Nepalese can’t get tired of describing the beauty and uniqueness of our country. Nepal has it all if we talk about resources but unfortunately it still lies in list of developing country and many people live under lines of poverty. Nepal is beautiful country to visit and even live. Looking at the diversity  and people here it is definitely one of the best country to live in. We must be proud that we are born in this beautiful country. In the article I am listing five amazing things about Nepal that sets it apart from all the countries in world.

national bird of nepal


First and the most  amazing thing about Nepal is its people. Nepali people are the most happy a d friendly people in the world. We have faced so many bad things and still we have not let those things take away our smile. After being  hit by many natural disasters like earthquake, flood and landslide, we still have smile on our face. There are many people who live under the line of poverty but when it comes to serving their guest they will themselves eat nothing but serve them the best.  Those are Nepali people and that is the culture they follow. This kindness and this simplicity makes Nepali people the most amazing people in the whole world. That is the  beauty of Nepali people.

They show the ultimate example of humanity. Many foreigners also can’t help but admire the beauty of Nepalese. Nepalese know how to find their sunshine even in the darkest days. Even in days when they are big troubles Nepalese know how to make it work. They pass it with a smile. They are the most warm and nicest people you will meet. Nepalese have the most beautiful smile and they never compromise on that. If you have met a true Nepali the for sure you will recognize them with their warmth and politeness. So people of Nepal themselves make Nepal the most amazing.


 Diversity is the true gem of Nepal. Nepal is known as country with unity in diversity and this diversity exists not only in terms of culture, but religion, natural vegetation, climate and so on. We often just emphasize on diversity in terms of ethnicity but actually  there is diversity in so many things.

First would be geographical diversity. Nepal has low Terai but at the same time the highest mountain in the world. It has so many types of geography in such a small country. It is amazing to see how such a small country has o much diversity. With the geographical diversity there also exists diversity in climate. There is so much diversity in terms of climate as well. There are extremely hot places in Terai while very cold snowy places in Mountain region. 

Nepal is called country of forests. There is so much diversity in terms of vegetation as well. You can find amazing diversity in terms of wildlife as well. Since there are so many diverse vegetation , geography it is sure that wildlife will be diverse too.


Nepal despite being a very small country has never been ruled by any other country ever. Nepal has always remained free and independent. In past time as well when Britian was ruling all over the world, even our strong neighbor India was under the rule of England but they couldn’t rule Nepal. The bravery and strength of our soldiers  has made Nepal independent always. Despite having very less resources and less number of soldiers, Nepal has shown outstanding bravery in the war field. We have the most amazing history and it is something we all should be very proud of . In those tough times of war, our leaders and all the citizen have shown extra ordinary bravery and love towards the country . That contribution has now given us the freedom and independent Nepal. We all owe our freedom to these brave sons and daughters of Nepal.

Natural beauty

Nepal is naturally beautiful. Mother Nature has gifted us with the best resources. We have already talked about diversity .Nature has given  us fertile lands, green hills and shining Mountains. Nepal has it all. When it comes to natural resources, I don’t think there is any other country as fortunate as Nepal is. It has the most fast flowing rivers that come directly from some of the highest peak in country.

Nepal is very rich in terms of water resources. It has rivers with clean water, shining springs and many other  sources of water. Not just water, Nepal is rich in may minerals as well. Even though they have not received much attention, there are many resources available in Nepal.

 Nepal is rich in terms of water resources, wildlife and forest as well. Anyone who visits Nepal can’t help but praise beauty of Nepal. It has been decorated the best by Mother Nature. The scenic beauty and the amazing landscapes take any one breath away. This natural beauty is one of the reasons why so many tourists come to Nepal. Natural beauty of Nepal has attracted many tourist in the country.

Country of gods and goddesses

Nepal is known as the country of Gods and Goddesses. Even though the country has now been made secular, most people here are  Hindus. People have deep faith in gods and goddesses.. Even Kings from ancient period used to make temples a lot. That is why there are so any temples in Nepal and all of them have amazing legend and history. Only in capital of country there are many temples and Stupas.  Many tourist visit Nepal to understand the faith of people toward gods and Goddesses. They call Nepal the land of Gods and Goddesses. It is believed to be home to millions of gods as per the hindu Mythology.

 What makes Nepal the best place in Earth ? Write your view in the comment section.