Nepal is expected to rise above the list of least-developed countries by 2022. But, there are so many challenges and obstacles that the government of Nepal has to face on the way. Here are the five mains problems Nepal is facing at the moment:

what is the biggest problem in Nepal?

Unstable government

unstable government of Nepal

One of the main problems of Nepal is its unstable government. There is hardly a government that lasted for a year. Since the government changes yearly, so do the rules and the development projects. As a result, the government could not completely perform its plan, project, and policies. An unstable government has to affect the works of the development projects as the priority of government changes based upon which political party is ruling the government.

There is also a trend that the development project and plan run by the earlier government is totally canceled out by the next government. This is due to unhealthy politics. The political parties in Nepal play the blame game and try to pull down rather than support the good works. There is a lack of proper cooperation and beliefs between the political parties due to the reason when one party is ruling the government. The opposition party always opposes the government no matter whether the government is doing good or evil works.

Bad politics

Bad Politics of Nepal

The key factor that actually determines the situation of the country is its political scenario. A country with bad politics is not likely to develop as expected; which best example is Nepal. The political condition of Nepal is so critical that there is hardly a chance of being united on any topic. One political party doesn’t support another. When they support, all Nepalese know there is a certain give and take under the table.

There is no belief among the political parties, and they always play the game of pulling down, due to which the government of Nepal is not so stable, and it gets changed before it can complete its whole duration as per rule. The political parties are interested in fulfilling their personal and political needs rather than fulfilling the people’s demands and needs of the country. This is an example of bad politics which Nepali political parties are playing. Strikes, opposition, and violence have been common to all political parties. If the situation is not as per their demand, they take these steps to oppose the government.

No Ethics, No Responsibility

No Ethics, No Responsibility

When any development project fails, then everyone involved in the project starts to blame others for the cause rather than taking responsibility for it. This is very common in every department, in every organization, in every political party, and in every Nepalese. There is hardly someone who wants to take responsibility for it and who has ethics.

The government offices of Nepal are the source and inspiration for corruption. It has been said that a clean and responsible person, when entering any government office with the energy to do something, will become the corrupted one due to the environment he has to cope with.

Every department, each and every staff, each and every Nepalese doesn’t do their work responsibly unless s/he gets any benefits from it. This trend has been followed for decades, and if this trend is not broken, then it will surely cost Nepal and Nepalese for a very long period of time. We need to have work ethics, and we need to be responsible if we really want to develop our country. We have to change ourselves first if we really want to change our surroundings.

Rules and regulations implementation

Distinguishing between right and wrong.

Well, Nepal has newly constituted its new constitution where there are clearly stated rules and regulations that every government, civic society, Nepalese people, and foreigners have to follow. Anybody going beyond these terms will be liable to punishment.

So, where is the problem? The problems are not in the rules and regulations, the problems are not in the government or the Nepalese people, but the problem is in implementing these rules.

The government, which is responsible for implementing these rules and regulations, is not determined to implement them since the government ruling parties are worried that if they go on implementing this law, it will surely affect them and the people around them. In Nepal, leader of political parties wants to keep things from where they get benefits even if it is against the law.

This is the reason that many big political parties are giving protection to the so-called Dons. The parties have become law. What they say is the law. Even an order of the supreme court by the Chief justice is not being implemented by the so-called political parties and the big leader.


Unemployment in Nepal
Photo: THT/ File

Since the country is in a very critical political situation and there has been a continuously unstable government for decades, it is obvious that there will be unemployment since no development works have been carried away. When we look at the unemployment condition of Nepal, the above four reasons are the main cause of it.

When you don’t have an unstable government, the development projects will be unstable. Even there is a very rare chance of coming new development projects by these scenarios. Foreign investors want to expand their business in Nepal, but they pull away from their plan when they see the unstable and unsecured environment. As a result, the unemployment rate has increased so much in the current context of Nepal. This is why many youths have been forced to leave nations in search of jobs.

Thousands of Nepalese youths have been giving their hardship in the Gulf countries, which has benefited those countries. We are losing our youth. This is a very serious matter that everyone should think about. The government and, in fact, the major political parties should think about it if they do really care about Nepal.

These are the five major problems in Nepal in the current scenario. Other problems like lack of education, lack of health facilities, lack of clean drinking water, etc., will be solved only if the above-mentioned problems are solved. So, first, the root cause of the problems should be analyzed.