We have witnessed many amazing prime Minister in history who made themselves immortal with their courage, bravery and vision . This article lists the name of most influential Prime Ministers of Nepal.


Jung Bahadur Rana

Junga Bahadur Rana is a big name in history. He is said to be the most brave and fierce prime minister of Nepal.He is the one to conduct kot parva and establish Rana Regime. Ran adynasty was one of the cruelest regime of all time and it lasted till 1951. Junga bahadur Rana was aman of unmatchable courage and power. He killed the  then King Gagan Singh and became Prime minister of country and gained all power of the Nation. From that time he received the Rana Tittle and that is how Rana dynasty started in Nepal.

 He was born in 18 June, 1817 in Kathmandu Nepal and died in February 25, 1877. Though the rule he did in country was very cruel, Junga Bhadaur Rana did a lot for country as well.

He visited England in his regime and from then Nepal has good diplomatic relation with the country. Rumors were also that he had love affair with a princess of England.

 Junga Bahadur Rana’ s noteworthy work is his role in keeping Nepal independent. In the time when rest of Indian territory was being captured under British Rule, Nepal was only country that remained independent.

Introduction of Nepali soldier to British army

His visionary and diplomatic skills helped the country stay independent. He also attempted to abolish Satee system but he couldn’t and later Chandra Shumsher Rana ended the system. During Indian Mutiny, He sent Nepali soldiers to help the British army and that’s how British army started.

K.P.  Oli          

Prime minister of Nepal, Khadga Prasad Sharma Oli is the only living person in this list.  He is the Chairman of Nepal Communist Party, the first party formed by union of Communist Party of Nepal (Unified Marxist–Leninist) and Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist Centre). He was born in 22 February 1952. The first elected prime minister of Nepal after the new constitution of Nepal, KP Oli is one of the most influential prime minister in Nepal.

Early days

There are many people who appreciate the work he has done as a prime minister of Nepal.  He was born in Terathum  in a brahmin family to parents Mohan Prasad and Madhumaya Oli. K.P Oli completed his primary schooling from Terathum and later on completed his secondary schooling from Jhapa after his family migrated to Jhapa. Oli quit schooling at grade eight  and  started his political career  from very early period coming to these day when he is the prime minister of Nepal.

Nepal has seen many reformations during his reign and he is still doing quite good as a prime minister. His work ranges from sustaining the unofficial blockade brought by India, initiation of many  hydro projects, initiation of fast track joining Kathmandu and Terai, systematic Road management in Kathmandu, end of load shedding  and so on. He is one of the most influential prime minister in country.

Chandra Shunsher Junga Bahadur Rana

 Another Rana prime minster, Chandra Shumsher Junga Bahadur  makes it up to the list. He was born in Rana  in 8 July 1863  is one of the most influential prime minister of country. He is also ruler who served the throne for longest. He served as prime Minister from  1901 to death, 26 November 1929. The main reason why Chandra shumsher makes to the list is the abolition of Satee system. This was a great reform for Nepalese society.

He is also the first Nepali to pass the matriculation examination . He received title of Set Bagh from vice chancellor of Calcutta University.  Chandra Shumsher is also well known for his excellent command over English . Though he was a bit conservative, there are amazing reforms brought in the country during his regime.

Madan Bhandari

 When we talk about most loved politician in country, Madan Bhandari is the first name that comes in my mind. He was born in  27 June, 1951. He is a  very well-known politician primarily belonging to Communist Party of Nepal (Unified Marxist–Leninist. He has great role in taking the communist movement of country to a greater height. He became the prime minister of country for first time in 1991 by defeating the very powerful politician Krishna Prasad Bhattarai. Bhattarai also has important contribution in bringing multiparty democracy system in country.

About his early life, Madan Bhandari was born in the Dhungesangu village in Taplejung district. He completed his schooling from Taplejung and later went to Varanasi, India . His political career started with his involvement with Janabadi Sanskritik Morcha. This was student movement initiated by Pushpa Lal Shrestha,which formed alliance with survivors of Jhapa movement in 1978.  Bhattarai became central committee member in 1972. However he left the party in 1976 .

He later on became the founding member of Communist Party of Nepal Unified Marxist–Leninist . Since this ,  his active journey in politics started. With his dedication,  he made his party one of the most powerful party in country. In his reign as prime minister as well, he brought commendable changes in country. He was dearly loved by citizens and was really appreciated for his works.

Death of Madan Bhandari

Madan Bhandari died in a mysterious car accident in DasDhunga, Chitwan on 16th may 1993. Though the case has been closed claiming it was an accident, this is quite mysterious and many believe it was a planned murder.  After his death his wife Bidya Bhandari started active participation in politics coming to this day when she is the first lady president of country.

BP Koirala

Bishweshwar Prasad Koirala  is the first elected prime minster of Nepal. Born in 8 September 1914, B.P Koirala became the most loved and appreciated  Prime minister in country. BP Koirala is not just a god politician but a profound writer as well. He has given amazing creation to Nepali literature. He was the chairman of  Nepali Congress. During his political career, he became orime minister of country from 1959 to 1960.

Koirala is the first democratically elected Prime Minister of Nepal. However he was imprisoned at the instruction of the then King Mahendra, after only 18 months of reign. Though BP Koirala spent his most of the time in prison and exile, he is the greatest supporter of democracy. He always worked for individual freedom and liberty of citizens of country.