Nepal has had many transformation in the field of communication over the years. Communication was limited to postal service office in few districts and was mainly used for Government Purpose. General public were deprived of basic communication service. Then Radio service started in Nepal, but it couldn’t reach to many people because of difficult geographic structure. With different reformations, Communication is now much easier due to presence of Telephone service,Television, News papers in almost all districts of Nepal. Through internet communication with almost all the countries of the world has been possible. Even with so many means available for communication, FM stations in Nepal still have their own significance and value. FM stations in Nepal has been established in many cities of the country not only in Kathmandu. You can listen to it online or through your mobile phone’s Radio Application. There are more than 400 radio stations at present in Nepal. Here, I list top 10 Radio station in Nepal.

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Top 10 Radio Station in Nepal (Top 10 FM stations in Nepal)

  1. BFBS Gurkha Radio

BFBS Radio operates all over the world in more than 20 countries including Nepal. BFBS Gurkha Radio is programmed for Nepali. It was founded in August 27,1996 and broadcasts program in Nepali language for Gorkhalis serving the British army.

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  1. BBC Nepali

It is a nepali radio that broadcasts on the United Kingdom in Nepali language on GM and on the internet.It was initially started in 7th june 1969 for British Gorkha soldiers working in Hongkong. Later on it became one of the most reliable news broadcasting platform for Nepali speakers all over the world.

Official Website:

fm stations nepal

fm stations nepal

  1. Kantipur FM 96.1

Kantipur Fm was founded in October 1998 and is a private owned FM radio station in Nepal.It covers 59 didtricts within the country making it the Radio with biggest working system.

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  1. Radio Nepal

.The state- owned radio broadcasting station was started in 2nd April 1951 and is a renamed version of Radio Prajantantra which was started during the struggles of Rana Regime. It is operating through its head office in Singha Durbar, Kathmandu.

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  1. Kalika FM

Kalika FM is a FM station operating under one of the Nepal’s biggest and most respected business conglomerate kalika group. Started in 8th October 2002 it operates from Bharatpur ,chitwan ,Nepal and is quite popular in different regions of Mid-Nepal.

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  1. Hits FM 91.2

Hits Fm is a subsidiary of Hits Nepal.It went on air in april 1996 and today airs 24 hours a day.It is one of the most popular FM stations in Nepal.

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  1. Big FM 101.2

Big FM operates through its head office in Pokhara ,Kaski and is one of the most listened radio in the western region.

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  1. Machhapuchhre FM 91

Founded in 2057,Machhapuchhre FM aims to serve Nepalese living both inside and outside the country and provide reliable and trustworthy news.

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  1. Capital FM 91

Started in 2007 A.D. Capital FM has been carried forward by senior and well established media personalities thus has made a good mark in its listeners. It was the first radio station to start its online service.

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  1. Ujjyalo online

Ujjyalo online is one of the newly established but largest and most popular Radio station in Nepal. It operates through its head office in Kathmandu and in throughout the country by collaboration with local and regional FM stations to provide latest news and updates to its thousands of listeners.

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