Migration of workers from one country to another for employment is called foreign employment. It is basically migration of labor workers. Nepal holds a leading position in number of labor workers migration. Due to lack of employment and very less wages of labor workers, the rate of labor migrants is increasing every year. The employment problem is so severe here that even qualified and educated  youths have to travel to foreign land to work in severe conditions.

Nepali workers in Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, Kuwait

Foreign employment is an alternative for thousands of Nepali who can’t find satisfying or any employment in country. The top destinations of Nepali for foreign employment in recent years are listed as:

  1. Malaysia
  2. Saudi Arabia
  3. Qatar
  4. United Arab Emirates
  5. Kuwait

Many people have migrated to Korea on EPS TOPIK 2020 program.

How many Nepalese in abroad?

It is difficult to get accurate data but nearly half of the households of Nepal have a member abroad or returnee. The number is increasing every year. Foreign employment has become culture for many remote villages of country. Similarly, the number of women labor women migrants is also increasing.foreign employment nepalese abroad

Advantages of Foreign Employment

In context of Nepal, foreign Employment has following advantages:

  • Country receives remittance which is the second largest source of income in Nepal which can be used for investment and job opportunities can be created within the country.
  • It has reduced unemployment rates in short run and has helped to uplift life standard of many Nepali.
  • Migrant workers can learn skills and knowledge which can be beneficial for development of Nation. We have examples of many returnees who have use d their skill and have created employment in country.

Disadvantages of Foreign Employment

Foreign Employment seems quite alluring  with its advantages but in long run foreign employment is not beneficial for any country.

Country needs to work on creating job opportunities within country rather than sending workers abroad for opportunity. Here I list the negative aspect of foreign employment:

  • Nepali workers work in severe situation in foreign land without any proper legal protection from Nepali Government, we often hear the news of murder ,sexual and physical abuse which results in depression and even suicide.
  • The earned income is spent by family members back here in Nepal is on consumption and luxury not in productive sector. The import rates has substantially i increased in recent years and this effect is seen specially in luxurious goods.
  • In recent scenario, foreign employment has caused failure of marriages, increased divorce  rates and cases of frauds by a trusted family member.
  • The energetic youths are utilizing their skill for foreign country’s prosperity whereas Nepal faces a huge scarcity of labor workers.
  • The remittance isn’t spent in productive sector thus unemployment rate  is increasing everyday and so is labor migration.
  • Many people are being cheated in the name of foreign employment by fraud consulting agencies.

Nepal Labor Migration

Despite of  so many effects, Government hasn’t yet been able to come up with ways to decrease the rate of unemployment. With rising unemployment, the rates of labor migration is increasing every year.

Nobody wants to work in foreign country in vulnerable conditions without security and protection but they are forced to do so. Government should focus on job creation rather than being happy for the remittance generation. The country needs to attract workers back with proper financing policy and job opportunities. Secondly, reformations should be done in agriculture and manufacturing industries to make the country self-reliant. Tourism  is another sector that  country need to work on. Development should be focused not only in cities but in remote areas as well so that the jobs can be created at local level as well. Only with these steps we can live our dream of a prosperous Nation and happy Nepali and can give  a good future to coming generation.