We have listed out the free tourist destination in Nepal where people visiting Nepal can travel for free within Nepal without paying any entrance fee. This article is much more important for those budget travelers who do not want to miss the beautiful places of Nepal. Many travelers can save money by reading this article.

Nepal is indeed one of the most beautiful countries in the world and carries a lot of possibilities in the field of tourism. Nepal has much to offer tourists with its beautiful landscapes, greenery, fast-flowing rivers, and warm people. With proper investments and reformations, we can make tourism the primary income source of Nepali. Nepal is a destination for both low-budget and high-budget tourists. For those with a limited budget, I am enlisting some of the beautiful destinations that will suit them the best:

Pokhara: Peaceful City

Free Tourist Destination in Nepal Travel Free in Nepal

Pokhara is already a very famous free tourist destination in Nepal. The lakes, the mountains, and the ambiance are what attracts tourist. You can enjoy the magnificent view of the clean and small valley. Just put on your slippers and roam around the lakeside. The view is beautiful, especially at night, and above all, it is free of cost.

Nagarkot: View of Everest

Nagarkot is a hill station in Bhaktapur Valley. It’s only 37878 away from the city center of Kathmandu. The view it provides and the cool breeze on the top of the hill is everything one needs for relaxing. Nagarkot is a location that offers a spectacular view of the Himalayas and the exquisite natural beauty all around them. Its incredible purity and elegance radiate fresh vibes, boosting your energy and excitement. You can roam around the hill covered with forests.

Kirtipur: City of History

The best thing about Kirtipur is the local Newari People and how they have preserved their culture. It’s a very small, populated, yet culturally rich valley with warm locals. You will find temples and monasteries at almost every step. Just a 30-minute ride from a major city, Kirtipur has everything to offer to its guest.

Bandipur: Perfect Hill Station

Bandipur is another wonderful free tourist destination in Nepal place. It is a very clean place situated at the top of a hill. It is a short drive away from Pokhara. The spectacular view and multi-lingual community are the features of Bandipur.

Kathmandu Valley: City of Temples

The capital city of Nepal in itself is a tourist spot. Kathmandu Valley is a perfect representation of our small diversified country. You will find busy roads and, at the same time, calm and peaceful temples, busy professional and warm local people at the same time; Kathmandu has a lot to offer. Walk through the alleys, meet the warm people and hear them trying to speak your language, or visit the historical buildings and the world heritage sites; you will truly enjoy the place.

Kathmandu Pashupatinath Temple

Mustang: Famous Trekking Destination

Mustang is well known for its beautiful scenes and is 85.7 km away from Pokhara. Still untouched by urbanization and modernization, Mustang is totally natural and raw, and so are the people. That is the best thing about Mustang. It is the best free tourist destination in Nepal among the places we listed.

Manang: Preserving Tradition Since Years

Manang is still a hidden treasure but has much to offer. Due to geographical difficulties and being at an altitude of 3519, it’s not accessible as other destinations, but it actually is a heaven on earth. Many places in Manang are still unexplored and undiscovered.

Ghandruk: Gurung Village

Ghandruk is best known for its hospitality and warm people. Situated at the top of a hill, Ghandruk is only 30 km away from Pokhara. It’s a very beautiful place where traditional houses and lifestyles are preserved. It is unique and truly reflects our rich culture.

Gorkha: Birthplace of King Prithvi Narayan Shah 

The hometown of the then King Prithvi Narayan Shah, from where the unification of Nepal started, Gorkha is a place of natural and historical importance. You can still feel that vibe of ancient times in the alleys of Gorkha.

You can visit these places and enjoy the beauty while knowing the rich culture and tradition. If you want to know about Nepali culture and tradition, you can go through the live FM stations of Nepal. Make sure to visit these magnificent places on your next trip to Nepal. Every village and city in Nepal is unique, so you can enjoy them free of cost.