There are lots of free WiFi zones in Kathmandu and Pokhara. They provide free internet service to the people. Many cafes provide free wifi and free internet service in Kathmandu and Pokhara. Free WiFi has been a point of attraction for customers.

Some people say, their sales has increased because of free WiFi service in their cafe and restaurants.

Many internet providers provide WiFi service through out the country. Nepal Telecom has lots of WiFi Hotspots throughout Nepal.

Although WiFi service of Nepal Telecom is in selected area of the country. Nepal Telecom is also starting wifi-hotspots all over the country.

There are lots of WiFi services in Nepal. Some of them are paid and some of them are free. Here is the list of Wireless Internet Service (WiFi) Providers in Nepal.

Free WiFi in Nepal

Free wifi is distributed now a days in some place of Nepal for the people specially in tourism area for easy access. In Kathmandu specially in thamel area and in pokhara lakeside where many tourist visit. Internet is needed for all the people.

They have provided internet for free. NTC and broad link had provided free internet service in some of the place in Kathmandu and Pokhara valley in tourism area. They are advertising and informing about the place where they can use internet. There is no free wifi in all of the place. If they provide free wifi in all of the areas than the development of the country would increase.

People cannot use free wifi in all of the place. Wifi is distributed only in urban area. They should spray wifi in rural area also for the development of rural area. Some internet provider had provided internet only near their organization. Internet are frees in hotels and cafés also.

They had made the world smaller. Nepal Wireless Networking Project has already wirelessly connected seven remote mountain villages to the Internet, with plans to network twenty-one villages in all. Only few people get news from internet in rural area due to lack of wifi. Internet service provider should provide internet in rural area for the development of communication system.

free wifi

If you find free wi-fi connections in your area just comment below.

Free WiFi in Kathmandu

If you are looking for free WiFi in Kathmandu, there are lots of free WiFi zone in Kathmandu and Pokhara. Here are the list of some Free Wi-Fi connections in kathmandu Valley. We have already shared the WiFi companies providing WiFi Hotspots in Kathmandu

  • Broadlink WIFI
  • Broadlink Thasikhel
  • Broadlink Bhanimandal
  • Broadlink Pulchowk
  • gispl
  • Broadlink Patan

There are lots of WiFI zone in kathmandu. Many cafe, restaurants and hotels are providing free WiFI in Kathmandu. Almost each and every building has WiFi these days in Kathmandu. Kathmandu, being the most important city of Nepal, has been developed in context of technology.

Free WiFi in Pokhara

Free Wi-Fi connections in Pokhara Valley is listed below.

  • broadlink lakeside

As we mentioned earlier, Pokhara Lake Side is now 24 hour Entertainment Hotspot. There are lots of WiFi Zone in Pokhara providing Free Internet in Pokhara. Many cafe, restaurants and hotels provide free WiFi in Pokhara. Pokhara is a tourist city and maximum number of tourist visit Pokhara. That is the reason, almost all cafe has WiFi connection in Pokhara.

Lake side, tourist hotspot of Pokhara City, will now open round the clock. The local administration recently decided to allow the tourist hub to operate 24/7 so as to make it easier for tourists to enjoy the night life.

The fresh move is expected to help not only the tourists, but also local tourism entrepreneurs amid Nepal Tourism Year 2011.

In order to make tourists feel more comfortable and safe, the police have started to install night-vision CCTV cameras at Lake Side. The administration has also asked dohori and dance restaurants to make their wall sound-proof so that local residents are not disturbed.

Free Internet (wifi) in 3 places of Pokhara from Now. Unlimited internet access, Unlimited download and feel free internet in Pokhara Valley.

Free Wi-Fi in Pokhara

  • Airport Area
  • Lakeside
  • Bindabasini Temple

This mission has been started to complete it by this financial year itself. Currently, you can enjoy free internet around airport area of pokhara.

This mission is started by CAAN.

Future Free Wifi possibility in Nepal

Nepal is developing country. In the sector of communication, Nepal has already stepped far ahead. Nepal Telecom bought 4G service in Nepal before 4G service was introduced in India. That means, Nepal is moving pretty much forward in the sector of communication and technology. Lots of new internet service providers are in the market in Nepal and the number of ISPs are still growing. They even provide trial service before they launch. Customers can also enjoy free internet through them.

We hope Nepal soon has free Wifi in every streets of Nepal and every corners of Nepal. We hope Nepal will step far ahead in the field of information and technology.

WIFI providers in Nepal

Nowadays, there are many ISP companies providing WIFI as their important service. Through WIFI you can connect your computer with the internet without having any wires or fibers. You can transmit the data with the help of air. Here we have listed some of the leading WIFI providers of Nepal. Lets have a look:

1. WebSurfer Nepal

2. Mercantile Communications

3. Himal Technologies

4. WorldLink Technologies

5. Broadlink WiFi

6. Subisu Wireless Cablenet

7. Radius Communications

8. Classic Tech WiFi

9. Cherry World Communication

10. Nepal Telecom WiFi service

Among them Broadlink WiFi is providing WIFI among the whole country. Their WIFI services are affordable too.