Summer is here already and this time it is hotter than ever. Even in the cool city Kathmandu, the weather is quite hot this summer .Unlike in winter you don’t want to go outdoor especially in the peak hours. But the weather is very nice, the sky is clear it is bright and slightly breezy. For me this much of heat is not an issue but there are people who dot like to do many things in summer primarily of the sun. people have to limit many of their activities because of summer. But it doesn’t mean you have to stay still doing nothing. There are still amazing things you can do this summer. In the article, I am listing few fun things you can do in Summer.


 There is no doubt that days are lovely in summer. The days are not just clear bright but also long than in winter. That is why Summer is best time to go for Picnic. There are many places around Kathmandu you can go outing for. Pack some good food, get your bright clothes on, get guitar, your dog, your loved ones and you are good to go.  In the peak hours the day will be too sunny but then you can find shades of tree. There are amazing places you can go for Picnic.  Some places near to city are Chovar, Taudaha, Khokana, Godawari, Dhulikhel, Nagarkot. These places are a bit far from city so you don’t have to worry about pollution and noise. The climate here is also very nice. Unlike in cities cool wind flows all the time and that’s why these places are best to go out for summer. Especially in Chovar, there is always a cool breeze and you can get great view of Kathmandu City. So don’t stay in your room doing nothing, grab you friends and family and go out .


 When we are talking about fun things to do in Summer there is no way I miss swimming.  One of the main reason I love summer is because of swimming. Summer brings the best time to swim . In Kathmandu swimming pools remain closed in winter and I can’t wait them to reopen. Swimming is not just fun thing to do but a great way to relax your muscles, keep your body fit and let go of all the stress. But make sure to go to places with clean water. Obviously water where people actually take bath can’t be clean but still be conscious about chemicals being used and the filter system used in that particular pool. Some of places to go for swimming in Kathmandu are the international Club, Sanepa ; Hardik restaurant, Pulchowk ; Mahendra police club, Exhibition Road.

These places have clean water and are at convenient location. Even If you don’t know swimming you can go and just play with water. This also refreshes you a lot. But make sure put on  your sun screen because we all know what swimming can do to your skin. Swimming in my view is a skill everyone need to have. It may help at many crucial conditions. It can save your life. Also swimming is a great way to release stress. Let your body float in water and all your stress will go away.  So this summer make sure to go swimming or even take regular classes o you can master the skill.

Going out for evening drink

 Day time is very hot in summer but then during evening the climate is just perfect. So going out for dink in evening is another great thing to do I summer for fun. I strongly recommend you to take a walk around the city the evening when everyone is returning home from work. Go to your favorite bar and chill with your friends. This is great way to end the day.  I prefer walking in the evening rather than driving. If you happen to live in city area then you will find lots of places to chill within walking distance so why not go there walking. Take your friends with you and you can talk about your life and everything else. The climate is just perfect in the evening, it is cool and relaxing. Obviously it will be very cold in winter so summer is the best time to do so.

Hike in early morning

 Another great thing to do I summer is going hiking in early morning. In the morning when day has just started, the climate is very good. It is not very cold or very hot so this is the best time to hike. Choose a location and go out to hike with your friends. If you set out for some hill and start early there are  chances you will get to see sunrise as well. There are great places to hike around Kathmandu valley naming a few Champ Devi, White house Bosan dada,Fulchoki, Tarkeshowr. So why stay behind, take out your shoes and get out of your room. Hiking is a great way to stay close to Nature., he feeling you get when you stay close to nature is indescribable . It releases your stress and makes you forget all your sorrows. You can even get some of time for yourself. Not just that hiking is a great way to stay fit and healthy. So don’t be lazy, go out for hiking this summer.

Flying Kites

 Flying Kites may sound childish bit believe flying kites is really fun. Specially in summer when weather is so nice. This is no possible in Terai region because it is really hot but in City like Kathmandu you can surely do that. You can fly kites in the time when its starts flying wind and the day become a bit cooler. The time between 3 Pm to 5 Pm is the best time to do that. Flying kites will bring back memories and you will also end up having great fun. I am saying this from my experience. Just get your shades and gather some friends and fly Kite. This experience will be amazing. We only fly kites in Dashain but believe me  try flying kite this time of year, you will surely enjoy.