NAST (Nepal Academy of Science and Technology) Requests Proposals for Funding Young Scientists’ Research.

Notice Date: Last updated Dec 12, 2022

The Nepal Academy of Science and Technology (NAST) is in responsible for managing the research assistance program for Young Scientists’ Research as of the current fiscal year 2079/080.

Young Scientists' Research

More about Proposals for Funding Young Scientists’ Research

young, talented engineers and scientists are willing to do technological and scientific research emphasising results. either creating new or more cutting-edge technologies. Applications are invited to be registered at NAST’s Khumaltar headquarters. Offer the study you would like to perform. Send a signed proposal by email to or

Only Word and PDF files should be attached to research proposal emails. In addition, it is preferred that no action be necessary if a proposal is received after the deadline specified in the procedure or is not filed correctly. Please refer to the program’s protocol, available on the Nast website (, or give the specified number a call. Do not hesitate to contact 01-5522619.

Age restrictions:

As of the most recent date of this notification, you cannot be older than 40.


The application deadline is 21 days from the publication date of this notice.

For programs involving student research and innovation at the school and campus levels, a group proposal and suggestion from the relevant school and campus must be submitted. This will be entirely the responsibility of the associated science teacher. A study proposal must be submitted with an updated biodata sheet and citizenship certificate.

NAST Requests Proposals for Young Scientists’ Research

The NAST’s seven provincial-specific research centres will prefer research proposals from young scientists in the same field. At the time the proposal is filed, the maximum budget for individual “group research” is Rs. 5,00,000 (five lakhs), Rs. 10,00,000 (ten lakhs), and Rs. 12,00,000 for institutional research (twelve lakhs).

A maximum of Rs 50,000 may be awarded to secondary school students working on research and innovation-related projects (fifty thousand). Additionally, students at the college level may get up to Rs 1 lakh ($1 lakh) for programs including research and innovation (Bachelor). Scientific organizations, technology groupings, and universities may also get up to Rs. 1 lakh (one lakh) to undertake research or promote their activities.


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