When travelling a long journey through highways, I feel amazing seeing the poems written on trucks. I notice for each and every trucks in my way for seeing a poem written on backside of it. Not only of trucks, public buses are also fond of writing these kinds of good and emotional poems.

1 Nice Poem on Truck

truck poem

Truck Drivers write a nice poems on the backside of their vehicle which easily attract people bypassing it. This truck has written

Naya Gadi Kinera Driverlai Jimma Dinu ra Bharkharai Bihe garera Bidesh janu usta ustai ho!

2 WAET FOR SINGELwait for single

This is a bus which travels from Kathmandu to Kakarvitta. We found written WAET FOR SINGEL on the backside of bus.

3 Nice poem on truck


truck poems

This truck has written a good poem. It is somehow helping to aware people of various problems causing by unsafe action of people.

Sadak cheu Basera nagara hai hi! kondom chaina bhane ajalai bye bye!

4 Hey! God Save me from my relatives, I will save myself from enemy.

save from enemy

This truck has written a poem which is common problem in our society. It has written Hey! God Save me from my relatives, I know how to save myself from my enemy.

hey iswor malai afanta bata bachau, satru bata bachna afai janeko chu!

5 One turning one life, Life of Driver is a golden life ever

life on turning

Drivers life is quite risky in mountainous country like Nepal. Roads are made of numerous turnings. This truck has written a poem based on this story. One turning one life, Life of Driver is a golden life. He admits that, turning is dangerous and he feels as if he saved his single life in single turning. Any ways, he enjoys his profession and loves it.