Gandaki Polytechnic Institute has issued a notice regarding Free Training Program. Interested candidates are encouraged to fill application form for the free training program conducted by Gandaki Polytechnic Institute in partnership with Pokhara Metropolitan City and CTEVT.

Notice Date: Dec 4, 2022

Applications for free training are being accepted by Pokhara Metropolitan City’s municipal administration and the Gandaki Polytechnic Institute. There will be no charge for instruction at Gandaki Polytechnic Institute. For the advantage of all parties concerned, this notification has been made public, alerting them that interested Nepalis who have met the requirements on the list must submit their applications within 15 days of the notification’s original distribution.

Request for Application to Gandaki Polytechnic Institute's Free Training Program

Position and working duration at Gandaki Polytechnic Institute

  • This Institute accepts 20 candidates for ECD facilitators of age 18 and above with academic qualifications, SLC/SEE passed. The work duration is 390 hours.
  • Other positions of free training available are ECD Facilitator with Montessori Concept, Motorcycle Repairing, and Computer Operator.
S.N Positions Level Required Age Academic Qualification Working Duration
1. ECD Facilitator with Montessori Concept 1 20 18 Years Complete SLC/SEE Passed 3 Months
2. ECD Facilitator with Montessori Concept 1 20 18 Years Complete SLC/SEE Passed 3 Months
3. Motorcycle Repairing 16 Years Complete SLC/SEE Passed 3 Months
4. Computer Operator 1 20 18 Years Complete SLC/SEE Passed 3 Months


Details about documentation for Application for Free Training Program

  • By the deadline of 21 Mangsir 2079, you must submit a level 1 pass or an equivalent certificate, one copy of your Nepali citizenship, two copies of your passport-size photo, copies of your academic transcripts, and a recommendation from the appropriate local level or ward office for the trainee application form at this Gandaki Polytechnic Institute.
  • They can fill out the form at the Gandaki Polytechnic Institute, Department of Education, Pokhara Metropolitan City.
    If you need more information, you can reach us at 061-560097, 9846392870, 9846036359, 9813112618, or 9805880199.


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