Going abroad to study is most of the student’s dream, but then for some studying may just not be the only goal. Some people like to dream high, and education is done not only for knowledge but also earn money. Well, technically saying, depending on the currency of your country, converting Australian dollars to it, may seem like a lot of money. You might be earning a lot comparing to the currency of your countries of origin. But then, just making money doesn’t mean that the job is good. You might be working in restaurants and other labour work. Good job Australia is hard to find.

Visa makes difficult to find good job Australia

Living abroad can be expensive in the first place, so it is critical to get a good job. But there has been a conspiracy theory saying international students cannot find a good job Australia. Well yes, to an extent it is true. But the reason why is because of first thing first you are a third country citizen. Australia has their people, own people to look after. The priority will be their native citizens. That makes you already back at the list. First thing make sure you have a working visa. Working visa is a must if you want to work in Australia. Getting a working visa after a study visa might be hard, well you can extend it for 18 months after you graduate, after that, it might be a long process, and you might get or as well not get a working visa, so you eventually will have to leave the country.

good job australia

English makes difficult to find good job Australia

As we all know, Australia is English speaking country. Most of the people’s first language is English. So the fluency of your English will matter and have a significant impact. If you have high scores on your IELTS, TOEFL, CPE or any English proficiency test, make sure you show no shame in showing your interviewer.

Culture makes difficulty to find good job Australia

If you are planning to work in Australia, you might also get comfortable and familiar with their cultures. Aussie citizens like any other citizens of the world have their culture, own way of doing things and have certain slangs or words that indicate something that you might have no idea. Getting familiar with the work environment is very important or else you might feel like an alien who has no idea what’s going on. Yes, it can be scary, but the solution to this is to find people from your hometown who has been staying there for a long time, and it is better to know the cultures and norms because they can tell you and explain you and get you out of the confusion.

Priority makes difficult to find good job Australia

Now another point, as I previously mentioned, Aussie people will be on the top priority list, so it will be like going to a competition knowing you won’t be on top. So having an exceptional skill and knowledge will be what that will pull you up. If you are up to the competition, you have to prove yourself that you deserve the place more that their local people because you have better skills and knowledge which is very challenging. You working ten times harder is the must.

Skills makes difficult to find good job Australia

Australian people have their standards, own likings and things they dislike. Sometimes unknowingly you might be the victim of that. No matter how skilled and knowledge you have, or how much kind of a person you are. You need to improve your English. Try communicating with Aussies to enhance your speaking level. Never feel shy about speaking in English. Do not consider yourself as a weak fellow. It is important to build up confidence on you. Remember, you were a child before, and you came to know about the whole world gradually. It is a similar case, and your English will improve if you build the courage to speak.

Your patience and hard work to find good job Australia

Life is a struggle and no matter where you go you will have to struggle, well, it’s totally up to you how much you are willing to struggle. But the result will totally be worth it. So keep dreaming dreamers and don’t give up and go through How to find Job in Australia because, in the end, you will get what you deserve. Until then GOODLUCK.