GOT Talent in Nepal with Nepal GOT Talent show. Got Talent is a British reality television show that is owned by Simon Cowell’s SYCO Company. Simon is a famous, mainly for being a judge. An amazing person who sometimes may come forward as brutally honest and does not butter the fact and many people may call him a mean person. But he brings so much to the show that’s what makes the show unique and he is an awesome judge. This show was first debuted in America with the title of “America Got Talent”, which resulted in a huge success with much more support and anticipation, the show then was  able to spawned many spinoff in many other countries making it worldwide.

GOT Talent in Nepal YouTube

This is a really famous well know show that people all around the world goes to YouTube on their free time to experience the best goosebumps from people with amazing talents or see epic fails that makes us laughing and rolling on the floor. Perfect mixture of talent, comedy and emotional scenes that makes our stomach have funny feelings of rush and mixed feelings. Basically, a show where people binge watch for pure pleasure of entertainment. The best thing about this show is that it’s not specific to any category. Any talents you have are accepted and it’s not only about the basic dancing and singing. You can be a comedian, painter or even do stunts, whatever you’re best at. It has been so famous from its initial launch that it has now successfully been hosted in around 72 countries.GOT Talent in Nepal

Nepal GOT Talent show in Nepal

With that being said, here’s the tea that everyone is talking about. It is said to be that this show, that is everybody’s favorite is being planned to bring in Nepal too. Where they are deciding the judges and planning the program, the news is pure thrill and it’s very exciting. As in Nepal many competition is mostly singing or dancing but here people all around the country will have an excellent opportunity to embrace and show their unique talents. Although it has been confirmed that this show will air in 2020 we haven’t got any notices about the judges, venues and audition date if they will host the audition all around the country from different location which seems fair, or will it be only in one location. Neither way this is more than exciting news and let’s all hope that we will be enlightened with more information and also curious about the judges and who knows how many seasons are going to be there. All that being said, as this is going to be spinoff of Got Talent,  let’s just hope the judges will stay true to their nature and personality and not try to be Simon Cowell. Hoping the judges and the crew will bring its own originality to the show rather that trying to duplicate other Got Talent show and neither less very excited to see what talents does Nepal holds.  This is an amazing improvement in Nepal’s reality show production and we need things to be spiced and hyped up and this news fulfills it all.