Hello Sarkar (Hello Government) of Nepal is working hard for 24 hours of all 365 days. Hello sarkar listens to public suggestions and forward it to the respective authority.

Hello Sarkar is helping everyone by taking their suggestions and forwarding to the appropriate authority like sectorial ministries, commission, office or central level offices. Nepalese can lodge their complaints against criminals, corruption, irregularities, disasters, negative work of people that hampering society through Hello Sarkar.  Hello Sarkar is playing a good role in appropriate governance.

How to contact Hello Sarkar?

hello sarkar

Hello Sarkar toll free number is 1111. Email address is [email protected], Office phone number is +977-1-4211087. You can also contact them through Facebook and Twitter.

Advantages of Hello Sarkar

There are lots of examples which has been possible due to Hello Sarkar. We have collected proof from various resources to jot down the advantages of Hello Sarkar. Hello Sarkar is helping ahead on good governance.

hello sarkar advantages

Every Nepalese citizen must know that Hello Sarkar is developed for yourself and good governance. If we can co-operate with it in a good way, there is a huge possibility of improvement in different sectors.

In contrast, we have found many people have not yet understood the importance of Hello Sarkar and still are misusing it. Those people are sending useless messages. They do not realize that they are misusing their time as well as they are also misusing time of responsible authority like Hello Sarkar.

hello sarkar misuse

WapNepal requests everyone not to misuse a service provided to you. Being a good citizen of the country, you must co-operate with it in order to make yourself happy and your nation happy. It is we, who must be responsible for making a country. The Government can only show the way and make a system and it is we to follow the system.