If you are planning to head to Dubai, here is the list of top highest paid jobs in Dubai. Dubai is one of the top destinations for professionals all over the world. This list has been made by trusted sources after proper research and surveys. We have listed the jobs with high salary in Dubai.

It is very essential that we work for our living and also to support our family members. People when grow they have to do something for the living and for that they keep on searching for new ways of earning all over the world. Due to globalization, people travel from one place to another to study and work like people from Nepal travel to other countries for working and also for studying.

Highest Paid Jobs in Dubai

These days the people of Nepal are growing day by day and the industries are not developing as of the people and their qualifications. Due to the lack of job opportunities available in our countries many young and energetic people who are capable of working here are moving to other countries like Malaysia, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, and many others. It is not always certain that we get a good job opportunity in those countries but still due to our necessity and compulsion we are compelled to go to those countries.

Here we are going to discuss the highest paid job that is available in Dubai.

These days Dubai has been the first choice of people as the tourist destination where the living standard is like of Europe.  It is one of the most developed countries in Asia where many people from all over the world come to work and stay as well. We are very clear that there are a variety of jobs that are available in Dubai from the lowest paying work to the highest paid jobs according to our qualifications and experience. The highest paid jobs that are available in Dubai in the context of today’s are listed below.

Highest Paid Jobs in Dubai 2020


Corporate Field is one of the most alluring fields in the world and there are many who aspire to be good bankers. Why not, it is one of the highest-paid jobs throughout the world. The bankers have to make crucial decisions and have to formulate long term strategies. An attractive salary is available to highly qualified individuals. The minimum qualification is a degree in relevant field similarly, salary ranges from Dh63,750 to Dh77,500.

The world economy is being led by a financial institution like finance bank and so on. Financial institution and corporate banking are the sectors which are responsible for the world economy of today. It is the world of a business era where the business and technology has been leading the world.

In this situation, the jobs related to banks and other financial institutions are considered as one of the most charming jobs all over the world also in UAE too. Dubai is considered one of the places of the world business hub there many more jobs available in the financial and banking sector. To become a banker one need to have the academic qualification in the field of management and also good management skill along with some experience.

As we know the jobs in a bank is one of the highest paid jobs in Dubai the salary depending on the position and the qualification of the individuals. Well, the average monthly salary of the banker including allowance is Dh 70,000. It varies according to the position qualification and the experience of the individual. The salary ranges from Dh 63,750 to Dh 77,500.


Lawyers are one of the highest paid jobs in Dubai. It is an important professional job not just in Dubai but around the world. This job requires a minimum of a graduate degree in Law. Every company must hire a legal officer to make a legal decision so the scope is also very high. The salary ranges from Dh60,000 to Dh106,000

Every organization small or big need legal advice to run the business smoothly. Due to this reason, the job of the legal advisor or the lawyer has also become one of the highly demanding jobs in Dubai and also all over the world. The job of the lawyer is very important as they will be able to handle their legal requirement to protect the business from the issue that will be a rise in the company.

This is one of the reputed posts of the companies as they are one of the people manage all the legal contractual issues and legal agreements along with the company and legal liability. The person who wants to work as a legal advisor of the company should have a degree in the field of law and need to be a degree with the right legal qualification.

Along with the law degree one also need to have experience in the related fields for a minimum of 8 years of experience. The average salary of the month that is paid in for the lawyer including allowances Dh 77,000. In the same way, depending on the experience the average salary range is Dh 60,000 to Dh 106,000.


The basic income ranges as per their specialty and faculty. Highly qualified doctors have always been in demand in Dubai. In the country with so busy lifestyles, there is no way that the demand for doctors will be less. The salary of a doctor ranges from Dh 60,000 to Dh 100,000

One of the highly demanding field in the world is the medical field. As people are found all over the world and the disease is seen all over the world this field is in high demand. One of the highly demanding jobs all over the world in medical and even in a medical doctor is in high demand.there are a various rank of the doctor like surgeon physician and many more.

To be a doctor one needs to have a medical degree from the renowned University of the world with the internship too. Once you complete the academic education and the internship then you will be able to join the hospital and can work as a doctor or consultant.

In Dubai, the job of the doctor is a highly paid job and among the jobs that are available in Dubai. Among the medical person, the consultant is those who are highly demanded and they also take at least  8 to 10 years of training in the related field to become a consultant.

Among the doctors also the one who is cardiologist is the one who makes more money than anyone else. There average salary claims to make Dh 180,000 a month. The monthly salary of the doctor including allowances is Dh 73,460.75.

Chief Marketing Officers

The word Chief marketing Officers is very fancy. Chief Marketing Officers (CMO) are responsible for managing and defining the marketing objectives of the firm. You will require good qualification at a postgraduate degree in marketing and interpersonal skills to pull this job off.

Salary Range ( Monthly): Dh 80,000 to Dh 90,000

One of the highest paid jobs in Dubai and in most of the developed countries is the job of chief marketing officer.  This post manages the marketing operation of any company or organization and works to improve the brand of the organization.  He /she who are appointed in this post will make strategies for improving the reputation of the product of the organization.

This job is a very demanding job in Dubai according to the reputation and also according to the salary paid for the post. Well, the salary with allowance for the job of chief marketing officer ranges from Dh80000 to Dh90000 per month. The minimum requirement for applying this post is a university degree in marketing or sales and also the experience in the same field.


The engineering field is itself a diverse field. The engineers in demand are Mechanical and electrical. Engineers can start their careers right after their university degrees. They can enter as Mechanical engineer and can be Senior Mechanical engineer with experience. Engineering has always been in demand in Dubai. For a country with so technological advancement, there is no way that engineering will not be in Demand. The salary range for an engineer is Dh 40,000 to Dh 68,000.

The other category of jobs that are highly paid in Dubai is the jobs of an engineer. In this country, the engineer earns a lot of money. The salary ranges from Dh 40,000 to Dh 68,000 per month. Well in average an engineer earns Dh 62,000 including all the allowances. There different types of engineering like electrical mechanical and plumbing too. To become an engineer one needs to have a bachelor in any of the engineering fields from the renowned university and also need to have an experience.

Accounting, Finance Professionals

Chief Financial officers have the second most highest paying job. Their job is itself a risky one because they have to make crucial financial decisions for their firm. CFO is basically the most trusted strategic advisor for the firm. This job demands a high level of expertise in the field of Accounting and Economics and years of experience.

Salary Range: Dh 55,000 to Dh 90,000

The jobs like accounting finance professional job are one of the high ranks on the pay scale in Dubai and also in the world as they are the one who makes the crucial decision of an organization. As they are the post who are responsible for making the overall decision and being responsible for the profit investment finance accounting and delivering shareholders.  The future of the organization depends on the decision that is taken by the person who is on this post.

While hiring the person for this post the academic qualification is very essential in the field of economic and accounting as a major in the bachelor’s and master’s degrees. Along with the academic qualification one who is applying for this post need experience in the related field too.

The person who is sitting in this post of the organization has to be able to take a tough decision and be able to take risk of the organization. As we know this is one of the highest-paid jobs in Dubai in which salary ranges from Dh 75,000 per month including allowances. Depending on the academic qualification and the job experience the salary ranges from Dh 55,000 to Dh 90,000.

IT manager

In a country with such technological advances, there is a high demand for IT Managers. Salary range: Dh 50,000 to Dh 80,000

The most demanding job post in the whole world is jobs in the sector of IT. In the hi-tech and semi hi-tech countries of the world, this sector has been very high demanding jobs. In the same way, the jobs of it like its manager and other different posts of IT-related jobs.  

The different jobs involve in IT are designing, deploying, testing and support of the business solution. It is completely depending on the digital medium which involves different jobs like coordinating set up and many more. This job has a high demand in Dubai and it is one of the highest paid jobs in Dubai. The average monthly salary of IT managers in Dubai is DH 60000 including allowances.

Here the average salary of IT manager in Dubai is DH 50000 to Dh 80000 Per month. To get this job one needs to have a bachelor’s degree in the field of IT and computer and also need 10 to 12 years of experience in the related field.  Along with this one needs to be updated with the latest technology that is developed in the world.


This job demands updated knowledge about the latest industry trend. They require a degree an any of these fields: Marketing, Business Studies, Retail management. This is one of the challenging jobs and requires good communication skills. The salary for a Merchandiser ranges from Dh36,500 to Dh52,500

The other highest paid job in Dubai is the job of merchandiser job available in the market of Dubai. The merchandiser has the role of planning, head of buying of a retail company.

The one who is working as a merchandiser has to be careful about the buyer takes a decision and also need to be careful about the competition that is available in the market. The average salary of the merchandiser is Dh 55000 including allowances. But the salary range may vary depending on the experience and the qualification from Dh 36,500 to Dh 52,500.


The major task is to develop insurance policies by evaluating risk. You can become a trusted Actuary only after passing a series of examinations and qualification test and Proper research and evaluation skill is the most required in this profession. The salary for actuary ranges from Dh 30,000 to Dh 80,000.