If you are planning to head to Dubai, here is the list of top highest paid jobs in Dubai. Dubai is one of the top destination for professional all over the world. This list has been made by trusted sources after proper research and surveys. We have listed the jobs with high salary in Dubai.

Highest Paid Jobs in Dubai 2019

highest paid jobs in dubai

  • Bankers

Corporate Field is one of the most alluring field in the world and there are many who aspire to be good bankers. Why not, it is one of the highest paid job throughout the world. The bankers have to make crucial decisions and have to formulate long term strategies. Attractive salary is available to highly qualified individuals. The minimum qualification is degree in relevant field similarly, salary ranges from Dh63,750 to Dh77,500

  • Lawyers

Lawyers are one of the highest paid jobs in Dubai. It is important professional job not just in Dubai but around the world.This job requires a minimum of graduate degree in Law. Every company must hire a legal officer to make legal decision so the scope is also very high. The salary ranges from Dh60,000 to Dh106,000

  • Doctors

The basic income ranges as per their speciality and faculty.Highly qualified doctors have always been in demand in Dubai. In the country with so busy lifestyle there is no way that demand of doctors will be less. The salary of a doctor ranges from Dh 60,000 to Dh 100,000

  • Chief Marketing Officers

The word Chief marketing Officers is itself very fancy. Chief Marketing Officers (CMO) are responsible for managing and defining marketing objectives of the firm. You will require good qualification at post graduate degree in marketing and interpersonal skills to pull this job off.

Salary Range ( Monthly): Dh 80,000 to Dh 90,000

  • Engineers

Engineering field is itself a diverse field. The engineers in demand are Mechanical and electrical.Engineers can start their career right after their university degree. They can enter as Mechanical engineer and can be Senior Mechanical engineer with experience. Engineering has always been in demand in Dubai. For a country with so technological advancement there is no way that engineering will not be in Demand. The salary range for an engineer is Dh 40,000 to Dh 68,000

  • Accounting, Finance Professionals

Chief Financial officers have the second most highest paying job. Their job is itself a risky one because they have to make crucial financial decision for their firm. CFO are basically most trusted strategic advisor for the firm.This job demands high level of expertise in the field of Acccounting and Economics and years of experience.

Salary Range:Dh 55,000 to Dh 90,000

  • IT manager

In a country with such technological advances, there is high demand of IT Managers. Salary range: Dh 50,000 to Dh 80,000

  • Merchandiser

This job demands updated knowledge about the latest industry trend. They require a degree an any of these fields: Marketing, Business Studies, Retail management. This is one of the challenging job and requires good communication skills. The salary for a Merchandiser ranges from Dh36,500 to Dh52,500

  • ¬†Actuaries

The major task is to develop insurance policies by evaluating risk. You can become a trusted Actuary only after passing series of examinations and qualification test and Proper research and evaluation skill is the most required in this profession. The salary for actuary ranges from Dh 30,000 to Dh 80,000.