This article lists some of the highest-paying jobs in Nepal.

highest paying jobs in nepal

Chief Executive Officer                

Chief Executive Officer is the most desirable yet most challenging job one could take up. A CEO is the highest-ranking position in any company. A chief executive officer (CEO) is the company’s highest-ranking executive, so it is evident that it is the highest-paying position. They make strategies and have many responsibilities for the company. It would not be wrong to say that the CEO decides the good or bad for any company.

Making corporate decisions and ensuring the effective mobilization of resources is the primary responsibility of a CEO. They even look after the overall operation of the firm. They act as a bridge between the board of directors and the general firm. They often hold the position of the board of directors as well and help in making important decisions. It is one of the highest-paying jobs in Nepal. However, it is not easy to become a CEO; you need years of experience and strong knowledge and skills to back that up.


Becoming a surgeon is not easy, but once you reach there, it is one of the highest-paying jobs in the country. A surgeon is a doctor who performs surgery. A surgeon’s income differs from their specialization; it could be in cardiology, neurology, etc. Life as a surgeon is not less challenging; someone else’s life depends on your hand and skills. It is a very critical job that requires a high level of expertise. One should complete an undergraduate degree and then an MD degree. You will need around eight years of experience at a hospital before becoming a surgeon.


highest paying jobs in nepal

General Physician

 We have already listed the surgeon as s highest paying job, and the general physician is also one of them. They provide non-surgical services to patients, such as diagnosing and treating diseases. A general physician is also paid very well. And primarily, when you work for more significant and reputed hospitals, the pay is even better. To become a general physician, you will need an MBBS degree with at least three years of working experience.


The manager is another very well-paying job in Nepal. It is equally challenging as well. Financial managers, human resource managers, marketing managers, and so on are n of the highest-paying jobs in the country. The salary scale depends on the type of company you are working with. In an extensive and more reputed company, the pay for a manager is quite good.

Again, to become a manager, you will need years of experience backed by good qualifications. You will need a graduate and postgraduate degree in management and at least 10 years of experience to be hired by a good company. However, an undergraduate degree with three years of experience may work to become a middle-level manager.

How to ace job interviews?

Before applying for your dream job, you must be prepared to face an interview. The interview has a huge role in your selection for a particular position. Here are quick tips on how you can do good in an interview. These tips will help you face the interview with the right confidence.

Research about the company

Applicants need to know enough about the company they are applying for, showing their homework and their passion for this job. Do proper research about the company and the industry. Be aware of the essential information and facts about the industry. The interviewer may ask you that, and you don’t want to disappoint them by not having an answer.

Clearly state why you deserve this job

Don’t be hesitant to state your strengths and showcase your skills. But don’t go overboard. You will have to note why you are perfect for the job and what makes you different from other candidates applying for the job. You also need to know what the interviewer wants to hear. As I said earlier, research the company and the job you are applying for and convince the interviewer that you have the relevant skills required.

State your past experience and achievements and try to convince the interviewer that you are an ideal candidate.

 Be confident

Confidence is vital when it comes to job interviews. There is a reason you are applying for this job; you wouldn’t be applying for the job if you were not capable enough. Believe in yourself and your skills. Don’t be underconfident and hopeless. Appear to the interview with complete confidence and the mindset that you can do this.

Your confidence will already set you apart from all the other candidates. Interviewers also like candidates who are confident and optimistic. Looking good is one of the ways to feel secure. Wear formals that make you look smart, and even little make you may work. Reach the interview in time and appear with confidence.

 Prepare for common interview questions

 We all know about the common interview questions: What are your strengths? Why do you think you deserve this job? And so on. There is nothing wrong with already preparing for these questions. This will make you feel confident and look smart at the same time. This way, you won’t fumble during the interview, and you will leave a good impression on the interviewer.

Be honest about your skills

I have often met people with fake details in their CVs. Honesty is the ultimate key when facing a job interview. Don’t lie about your experiences and skills. If you don’t have the skill, then don’t lie. Be honest but show your passion for learning that skill. A lie may help at first, but it doesn’t work on a long-term basis. Don’t lie on your resume or in your interview. Be clear and precise. Answers the questions to make them believe you are worthy of jobs.

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There are lots of vacancies available in Nepal. Following is the list of some reputable jobs in Nepal.