Higher Secondary School Association Nepal (HISSAN) is an organisation of private higher secondary schools and colleges across Nepal. Its executive committee of Kathmandu district has been organising and initiating some academic and scholarly programs since the starting of the institution. HISSAN is a professional association established in 1996. It is responsible for all the activities, programs, examinations, its routine and its results, in private schools and colleges in Nepal. HISSAN aims to enhance cordial relation, harmony and cooperation among its members who will be instrumental in developing quality human resources for the nation. HISSAN takes examination and publishes HISSAN routine.

HISSAN in Nepal

HISSAN’s main objective is to provide necessary support and consultancy to the Higher Secondary Schools in Nepal for their academic development. Other than this, HISSAN also assists in exchange of academic and intellectual development among the Higher Secondary Schools in order to facilitate and enhance quality teaching-learning activities in a quality and disciplined environment. As HISSAN is responsible for Higher Secondary Schools in Nepal, it secures protection and promotes professional rights, welfare and investment of all Higher Secondary Schools and their founders, teachers, and staff-members by making the Higher Secondary Schools unaffected by policies and giving them permanent affiliation. HISSAN also provides scholarship to help the needy and marginalized students of remote areas in Nepal. With organizing various social service-oriented programs, it contributes to the society and community. HISSAN is also responsible for forming and implementing code-of-conduct in order to ensure conductive environment, HISSAN promotes healthy competition among various Higher Secondary Schools across the country.

How to check HISSAN routine

HISSAN always publishes the examination routine for grade 11 and grade 12 every year. According to last year’s routine (2073-2074 BS), the examination started on 073/11/17 and ended on 073/11/27 for grade 12. Likewise, for grade 11 the examination started on 073/12/28 and ended on 073/12/29. The examination time for Management, Education and Humanities stream: 7 am to 10 am, whereas Science stream:  11:30 am to 2:30 pm.

hissan routine

All students can check their full examination routine through the internet or by contacting with their respective schools and colleges or by even directly contacting with HISSAN. To check the full examination routine, you can go to www.hissan.org.np. This is the official HISSAN website where you can find all the information regarding the examination, as well as HISSAN’s aims, objectives and what they plan to do in the future. Examination routine will be on the News and Events section of the page. If the students have any problem or confusion regarding the examination routine and time, they should directly contact with HISSAN.