Big Cinemas are the second best cinemas after QFX. Best known for its reasonable price and great quality services. First introduced to Nepal in 2009, in CityCenter, Kamalpokhari.

It raised popularity for usage of the high tech equipment. It used 2K Barco Digital Projector Systems, Crystal Clear Dolby Digital sound system. The facilities and infrastructure were far ahead of time than comparing to the cinemas back then. 

Big Cinema screens English, Nepali and Hindi movies. Over the years, it keeps on improving. They have comfortable lounging seats, widescreen, a spectacular film experience and a clean environment. For students, the big cinema is perfect.

As it offers one of a kind cut price of almost 50% off on morning shows. For our convenience, Big Cinema has now partnered with Khalti and eSewa. This made it possible for us to book and buy tickets even by just staying home.

Here are steps how you can buy Big Cinema Tickets online:

big movies
Step 2:
Select the movie you prefer. After that choose the day and show time which ever conviencnt
Step 3:
Choose the seat plan. Grey is available and green is the one you chose. The total will be shown below. Now after choosing your seat, you have to choose the ways to pay but you only have two options. Esewa and Khalti. For demonstration we have used Esewa.
Step 4:
In the left side, there is shown a detailed bill where as in right side is the information you have to fill for proceeding to payment. Enter your informations and then click on payment button to buy your Big Cinemas ticket.

This is how to pay online for Big Cinema ticket. Hope it helps. Good Luck!