How to check IPO results? | Mero Share IPO Result. A privately held firm can become publicly listed through an initial public offering (IPO), which involves selling its stock to the general public. Companies can obtain money through initial public offerings (IPOs), which also give investors a chance to purchase ownership interests in the company.

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Because the success or failure of a company’s IPO can substantially impact the value of its shares, investing in initial public offerings (IPOs) can be risky. Before selecting to invest in an IPO, investors should carefully analyze the company’s financial situation and prospects.

How to check IPO results  Mero Share IPO Result

How to check IPO results?

You can follow the detail mentioned below to check your IPO online:

  • Go to to access the Securities Board of Nepal (SEBON) website. This organization oversees Nepal’s capital market regulation.
  • Locate the “IPO Results” section on the homepage. 
    This should appear in the “News and Events” or “Important Links” section.
  • Hover your mouse over the “IPO Results” link. 
    You will then be sent to page that lists the most current IPO results.
  • To view the results, locate the IPO you are interested in and click the link. 
    Typically, the outcomes will contain the total number of shares offered, the total number of shares subscribed, and the allotment status (whether the claims were allotted or not).
  • You may also try looking up the IPO results on the Nepal Stock Exchange website if you can’t find them on the SEBON website (

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You can use the instructions mentioned earlier to examine an IPO’s outcomes. You need to seek a tab on the website of the stock market where the IPO was placed—alternatively, a section detailing IPO results. Then, you can locate the outcomes of a sure IPO using any search filters that are accessible.

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