Amazon is the largest internet retailing platform in the world in terms of revenue and market coverage. It also ranks second in terms of sales after Alibaba Group. The status of Amazon can now be measured by its availability in many countries. Amazon shopping from Nepal is very difficult.

Nepal has a problem with its payment system. Nepalese can’t make payments in USD. So, multinational companies like PayPal, Amazon, and AliPay are still not in the Nepali market as they do not accept Nepali paisa. Nepalese are still indeed required to do shopping in commercial complexes in Nepal. They are out of reach in the online shopping world.

History of Amazon Shopping

The platform started as an online book store and later expanded to sell video downloads, MP3 downloads, software, video games, electronics, furniture, and so on. Coming to the present day there is nothing that can’t be found on Amazon from groceries to extremely high-end products. Now, the company also produces electronics like Kindle E-readers, Fire tablets, Fire TV and Echo. You can continue reading about Amazon shopping in Nepal.

How to use Amazon in Nepal

Amazon is now available in many countries but still not in Nepal. We often end up liking a product on Amazon, but we can’t buy them. There are some platforms that help you with your Amazon shopping in Nepal from Amazon, and I am briefing a convenient way to do Amazon shopping in Nepal.

How to do Amazon shopping from Nepal

Amazon Online Shopping in Nepal

Iwishbag is one of the platforms that provide online Amazon shopping in Nepal service. Here is the link to their website: and the steps for buying your product.

Amazon online shopping in Nepal
  • From the given web address, enter the website of iwishbag. Click on the register button on the top page. Fill in your details and create an account in iwishbag. Now log in with your new account.
  • Now visit the website of or Choose any product you wish to buy. Select the product that you are sure to buy. Then the other step is to copy the link. Copy the link on the address bar of your desired product. You don’t require an account to choose a product from amazon.
  • Now visit the iwishbag website and log in with your account. On the home page you will see a box for pasting your link. Paste the amazon link you copied earlier in the box, then click on create order button.
  • This step will confirm your order request. Iwishbag will send you an email within 48 hours. This mail will ask for your confirmation and will enlist the total price you need to pay and the estimated time for delivery. The price will definitely be higher as it includes tax and the service charge for iwishbag.
  • Choose the option Approve and click on the update quote option. It will lead you to a new page.

How to pay for Amazon products from Nepal

Here you can choose your different payment methods. Iwishbag offers various payment methods as follows.

  1. Bank deposit: You can transfer money to iwishbag bank account. You will receive account details, scan the deposit receipt, and email it to iwishbag after depositing.
  2. Cash Pickup: You can either call iwishbag to pick money at your convenience, but you will have to pay Rs 100 as an extra charge.
  3. Office visit: You can also visit iowishbag office and make your payment directly.
  4. Paypal: This is for people who have a Paypal account. Paypal is not legal in Nepal, but you can make payments via friends and family’s accounts who live abroad.

You will receive an email to confirm the safe arrival of the product. You will receive an invoice with your product and sign the invoice, which will confirm the arrival of your product.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Amazon available in Nepal?

Officially, Amazon is not available in Nepal. You can make use of websites like iwishbag for shopping on Amazon from Nepal.

Does Amazon ship to Nepal?

Absolutely not. As Amazon is not officially in Nepal, you need to use third-party websites like iwishbag to get Amazon items in Nepal.

How much does Amazon delivery cost in Nepal?

According to iwishbag, the delivery price is based on the item you choose. So, request a quote from iwishbag to get the Amazon delivery price in Nepal.