In today’s world, our lives have been dominated by computers, networks, and, social media. The Internet is used for various purposes, for instance, professional, personal, and educational.  Personal data is provided and is easier to access by anyone on the internet these days.

Most Common Cyber Crime:

Identity theft: expose of sensitive personal data through hacking, phishing, and data breaches for the benefit.

Social engineering: Social engineering is an attack method mainly relying on human contact. It frequently requires convincing people to disregard security norms and best practices to gain illegal access to systems, networks, or physical locations to obtain any benefit.

Child pornography: any content that exhibits children engaged in sexually explicit behavior.

Malware: Malware is a file or software, generally sent over a network, that steals data or information benefiting the offender.

Spam emails: unwanted junk emails sent in bulk for commercial or beneficiary purposes. Typically, these spam emails are unsolicited.

Botnet: attack where devices run single or multiple bots to attack websites, devices, or a pc.

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Lists of Social Media Crime in Nepal

Social media crimes also fall under the category of cybercrime. If you are a user of social media, be aware of the below-mentioned activities:

Bullying, Stalking

Social media harassment is the act of bullying, harassment, or threatening an individual virtually through the different platforms of social media.  

Bullying, stalking, and harassment are the most common offenses experienced on social media. Yet, these acts cases are not reported to the police due to normalization. If you feel threatened by these activities, please report them to the cyber bureau or call the police.

Creating Fake Profiles

Creating a false profile for a person and publishing offensive content, such as edited photographs and personal/ private information, is also prevalent. 

To minimize the risk of being a victim of this scam, avoid 

  • sharing your login details with anyone, 
  • do not accept the friend request of a stranger, 
  • be careful of what you choose to upload on the internet



The act of attempting to regulate behavior outcomes through planned acts is known as social hacking. Accessing private data or a physical location without the correct authorization is the primary objective of social hacking.


If you are experiencing any of the above-acknowledged difficulties report it to the Cyber Crime Nepal Department as soon as possible.

How to report cybercrime in Nepal online?

Complaining against cyber crime has been made easier than filing a complaint as possible through email. If you are a victim of any crime related to the internet, you can file a case against that individual.

how to report cyber crime in Nepal online

Here is an email address for the Cyber Crime Bureau Nepal: .

While writing emails do not mention a copy of citizenship or any other valid identification clarifying you are a Nepali citizen. The victim can also include evidence along the email.

You also can contact Nepal Police if you cannot file a report online. The contact number for Police Control is 100 and Toll-Free Number is 16600141516.