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Nepali Calendar

Nepal has the own Calendar. Where the festivals, events and important dates and days are marked. In Nepal, most of the organisations especially government and even banks follow B.S. B.S means Bikram Sambat. Where the universal calendar and dates we follow is in the format of A.D (Anno Domini).

Most of the system in Nepal follows B.S but most of the accessible calendar such as laptop, watches, cell phones and tablets etc. are in A.D format. It is convenient to be able to check Nepali Calendar online. Rather than flipping the pages of the calendar which cannot be accessible everywhere. So here is the list of online Nepali  Calendars.

1. Nepali Patro

Nepali Patro is a website which not only shows you Nepali Calendar but also converts A.D. to B.S. Nepal Patro very popular and mostly used. Because Nepali Patro has extended its platform from being just a webpage to both IOS and Andriod apps, MAC and windows. It also has adds on extensions on Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox Browsers. Link: http://nepalipatro.com.np/ 

2. Hamro Patro

Another well known online Nepali Calendar. Also provides mobile apps, desktop apps and widgets. Not just that it also provides news, Rashifal (fortune telling), foreign exchange and much more. Link: https://www.hamropatro.com/

3. Ashesh Nepali Calendar

Ashesh is a web page that shows the Nepali Calendar. The reason why this page is on the top 5 list is due to the services it provides. It not only shows  the calendar but also converts A.S. to B..S and vice versa. Other many more such as foreign exchange rate, Nepali Panchang. Also Preeti to Unicode and vice versa, widget, Nepali time, moon phase and etc. LINK: https://www.ashesh.com.np/nepali-calendar/

4. NepaliCalenderRat32

An online Nepali Calendar which is accurate. Enlists all the holidays and important dates of each month. Very detailed and informational and also with an add-on of date converter. Link: http://nepalicalendar.rat32.com/

5. Nepali Calendar 

A very simple, with no complications. It is basically a Nepali Calendar but online with the simplistic design that is not only sophisticated but clear to read. With a bonus of date converter. Easy to understand and accurate. Nothing to dislike. Link: http://www.nepalicalendar.com/