Studying is not an easy task .But once you find the right way to study it become easier.  There is hard and fast rule that applies to everyone when it comes to study. Everyone is different and they have their own way of studying. But it is important to learn how to study effectively. For students like us, Study is a must. I don’t need to list the importance of education in the article right now . Since education and study is integral part of our life we must find out the best way to study.

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Tips to study smart

In the article I will be listing few tips to study smart and effectively. These tips may help you get good grades and mange your study properly. But again there is typical rule that fits all when it comes to study. These tips may work extremely well for some people while it may not for some people. Try all these tips and see by yourself if it works or not. If it works then you can make it a daily schedule.

Find a way that suits you the most

It takes days to realize what kind of study technique works better for you. So don’t wait until the test, start now and see what is the best method that suits you. You often wonder how these toppers get good grades, it is because they have found the best way that suits them .For some studying may come naturally and easily but for some it may be much harder. I hope this article will be help.

Learning how to study before examination helps avoid panicking at the last minute. We often ignore everything and when test approaches we start panicking. Take baby steps but take regular one. 

 Pay attention in class

You probably ignore the lecture while chitchatting with your friends. But believe me listening to the lectures carefully is the first step to study effectively. If you enough attention in class it will be really helpful. For some students that can be just enough as well. When you pay attention in class you understand things in time and even if you have any confusion you can clear it out with your teacher . So in your next class don’t waste time watching your phone or chitchatting with your friend instead focus on your lecture.

 Organize your study pattern

Make a proper schedule for studying and try to stick to that. Apart from a schedule keep your things organized as well. This really helps . When everything is on place ie, your books, notebooks, stationaries you can become more effective and efficient. This will also prevent any sort of distractions.  Don’t forget to write important notes and assignments so that you won’t forget it. Being organized is the best way to start studying effectively.

Make proper notes

We have always seen nerd kids working in their notes in movies . They show it that way for a reason. You must have complete notes and updates. Make your own notes from book. Read and understand the paragraphs from book and write it down on your simple words. This way it will be easy for you to prepare in exam. Don’t wait for your teachers to give notes but make yourself one. And if your teacher provides you the notes then keep them complete and updated.

Learn to ask questions

One of the important step in learning is questioning. Don’t hesitate to ask questions. When you don’t understand anything don’t forget to ask questions. From my experience teachers love when students ask questions. Asking questions can broaden your knowledge and clear you doubts. If you have trustworthy friend you can ask him/her as well.

Avoid distractions

When you are sitting for studying don’t get distracted by things. Keep your cell phone away and forget everything else while you are studying. Even if you are studying for 15 minutes, only focus  on that .For some people music helps for concentration. But for me it doesn’t, I need peaceful environment to study. If you are the one who likes music while studying then you can go for a subtle music that will keep you calm and focused.

Make study a regular thing

Yes, you had a long day in college and don’t want to study when you reach home. But a brief review in the evening really helps. Once you freshen up, instead of spending your time on your cell phone, review the things you were taught today. This will increase your memory. If you find any confusion, note it and ask the other day. That way you can stay updated without having to bear much pressure. But make sure to make this a regular thing. Stick to the routine you have made.

 Prepare for old questions

After all there we all have to face exams and what is the point of studying so much when you can’t do good in your exam. Practice old questions and in case of any confusion sort it before exam. Don’t stay doubtful in any questions and don’t ignore any questions.

Study in short sessions

Don’t study for long period. Keep it regular but study in short sessions. Take breaks between each session and then start again. This will refresh you and also will not be monotonous. But don’t use your phone in those breaks because you will end up spending hours in that phone.

Talk to teachers

Teachers are always there to help you . Feel free to talk to your teachers. Don’t disturb them all the time but make proper use of them. Ask questions in any confusion. Teachers also get encouraged to do their best when students show dedication. Take the initiative to take help from teachers and goes really long way.

 Study in group

Working with classmates and with your friends encourages an interactive environment. You can ask each other questions and learn together. This way studying will not be boring and you will be able to help one another at the same time. This also helps you know where you stand among your friends and know your caliber.