Here are the ways how to Web Recharge Ncell, NTC, Netflix and Esewa


To web recharge for NTC go to the website It will show you a form. First choose the type of sim you use such as prepaid, postpaid, landline, GSN etc. It will then ask you to provide your phone number. After that enter your pin number. To obtain a pin number, you can buy a voucher in any local store and scratch to reveal the pin and simply enter it.  After that enter the captcha as a verification and click on recharge button. Don’t close until you get a confirmation screen and Wallla!


For Ncell web recharge,  go to the website  You have two options, you can either choose using your card. for that enter your phone number and proceed on entering your card details. Or you can choose to use a recharge card. Which means you have to buy the voucher ( recharge card) from any local general store and scratch the card and type your pin number and your phone number and click on recharge. It’s that simple.


Netflix is a subscription based television service provider. It provides you with a large variety of series, movies and many more. Netflix is now introduced to Nepal and has grown a huge hype about it. As is it subscription based, web recharging you netflix account is done automated. You have to first sign up to a Netflix account and then choose the plan you want. After entering your banking information ( note only PayPal and credit card is accepted in Nepal), each month your amount will be charged automatically.


eSewa is an online banking service provider, where it serves you as an online wallet. To web recharge, you first have a login to your Esewa account. After that there is an option called, load your amount. Search for Esewa top up. You will have three options to web recharge. One: Through internet banking. Transfer your money from your bank account to eSewa account. Second: Mobile banking is when you don’t have internet banking but you have mobile banking, you can use this option too. Third: Request your friend. You can request your friend to transfer eSewa money.  Just follow the process, enter the requested information, verify and click on submit.