Iflix Nepal is the internet TV service started by Ncell which allows its users to watch popular HD movies and TV shows on their smartphone on the go. This is an initiation by Ncell which perfectly suits the changing life style of people.

Iflix Nepal is just like WoW Time introduced by Nepal Telecom, Ncell has introduced Iflix. You can watch movies and TV shows from Hollywood bollywood online with Iflix. The name reminds of Netflix, the very popular online TV service in the USA. Using Iflix you can stream high quality movies, shows and many more over the internet. With Iflix you get your own tv on your smart phone, laptop, Tablet or even your television. The shows from Iflix can be connected your Television and you can enjoy your shows in big screen. Iflix has huge online library of popular movies and TV shows from Hollywood and Bollywood and other you can now watch your shows online or offline by downloading the app.

How to download the Iflix Nepal App

  • iflix nepal
    You need connection with a Ncell network to use the device on your device.
  • You can then download the Iflix app from app store or play store.
  • Once you download the app, open the app and you are good to go.
  • The address to Iflix: https://piay.Iflix.com/?cr=1

How to activate iflix in Ncell

Once you download the app you need to follow simple procedure to use the service:

Get recharge of Rs 100 or more and get 30 days of access to Iflix Nepal.

You can even buy Iflix video packs by dialing *17137# and get access to 30 days.

You can even download and watch the shows later using the watch offline feature. With this you can watch thousand of hours of TV shows, movies and more. The charge on your Iflix would be charged as per your current data plan. Using Ncell Iflix offer, there is 3 months unlimited access to Ncell subscribers.

As I said earlier, Iflix resembles with the well know Netflix.so it fair to say that this is Nepali version of Netflix. Ncell claims that it has large contents but many of our favorite series are missing. Also what I fell is that there are very less Nepali contents but the team claim to add more very soon. In its first phase, the Iflix is doing quite well. Promoting with the slogan phone phone ma cinema” it has definitely been the attraction for audience. You can watch popular shows with Nepali subtitles as well. So, Iflix is definitely a good deal.

In this busy life its very good that Ncell has brought an online TV service. But definitely, there are a lot of improvement that needs to be done. It is quite expensive when you don’t have internet connection and it misses most of very popular and preferred shows. I would love if they could add more of Nepali contents and Nepali movies.But we should all definitely give it a try. Hence, it is easy to iflix download and iflix subscription fee is cheaper. There is good iflix review. You can also have application for iflix download for pc and iflix apk for mobile. You can also get iflix free trial.