Have you ever wondered how it feels to be living in Australia? Ever planned to live and settle there? Why?? Well, of course, it is a beautiful country, but Australia holds more than just its explicit beauty. Planning to migrate can sometimes be very nerve wrecking and overwhelming. So here is the perfect list why should you migrate to Australia. Australian Immigration department handles the migration procedures. This article lists out eleven important reasons to migrate Australia.

Reasons to migrate Australia

  1. Career Opportunity: Australia is a place where there are the possibilities of significant variants of career opportunity. Australia is a huge place which at the present is in high demand of skilled labour because of the lack of skilled labour in the country, depending on the location you’re bound to get a job that suits your cup of tea and with the minimum wage being AU $17 per hour. It’s where one can do what they want as it provides many entertainment and recreation options where you can let your free spirit go wild.
  1. Economy: Australia has the largest mixed market economies around the world. It has a history of 26 years of continuous consecutive growth of the economy as it is the world 13th  largest economy that has been rated AAA by all three global agencies and is predicted annual GPD growth for next five years will be 2.9% with is the highest growth rate among major advanced economies.
  1. Education: Australia is best known for its excellent quality of education that it provides. You can study all levels in Australia with more than 1,200 institutes and over 22,000 courses to study. International students are very much welcomed as currently, it has more than 3,50,000 international students studying in Australia. So studying in Australia for no matter how long, no matter the location or what course you choose to study, it will reward you with an excellent environment and high quality of education.
  1. Healthcare System: Australia is regarded with one of the best health care system which has a large scale of both government and a private sector. Its world-class health facilities with having an access of free doctor’s visit and heavily subsidised prescription that gives assurance of excellent health services without having to bankrupt.
  1. Beauty: It has astonishing, breathtaking views no matter where you go. Australia is well known and always talked about its natural wonders. Many people plan to go to Australia its beauty, and it is a fantastic place to travel and explore. It is very clean and has least amount of pollution that lets you take fresh airs. Being able to experiences both rural areas from barns to farms to the urban are with beautiful skyscrapers and not forgetting about the sunrise and sunset view from the beaches. As every step you take will take your breath away.

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  1. Multicultural: Aussie people (Australians) are best known for their warm heart and are very socialising in nature. Australia is filled with people from different cultures that comes together as one. There is no language barrier as most of the people speaks English. Because of the progressive and multicultural society, Australians has an excellent mindset where people has very open and forward thinking.
  1. Climate and environments: Australia is known for the very soothing atmosphere. As Australia is one of the driest continents on earth, there is barely any rainfall. The climate in Australia varies from the location your preferences. For warm and summer loving, northern Australia is very suitable as it is very sunny and welcomes you with the warm winters whereas, for snow and fall climate lovers, southern Australia is best as for its breezy coastal air and beautiful white snowy winters.
  1. Population: Australia has a very low population density being only 6.4 people per square line. Due to its low population, it is not crowded and won’t be that much of a problem. Less population density will result in fewer pollutions, crowds and bigger security. As Australia is very serious about the security of the people in the country that’s probably why Australia holds the low rate of crime and criminal activities.
  1. Entertainment: Aussie people are filled with unique talents and for no doubt that Friday nights in Australia are always very fun. From music to dance and fantastic entertainers will always keep you busy on free time. Australia is known for its sports too. People there enjoy sports, and there are large varieties of sports that play, in fact, international sports events are host in Australia.
  1. Food!! Food!! Food!! : Australia is filled with different type of foods. Australia consists of world-class restaurants that are famous around the world. Their wines are always talked about, varieties of cuisines, sea foods, cafes and bakeries. In Australia, while the sound of the dishes may seem integrating don’t hesitate to try because you soon will have new favourite dish.
  1. LGBT: LGBT’s or LGBT community are for the people lesbians, bisexuals, transgender and gay. Not in every country this has been legal, but in Australia, one of the only few countries has made LGBT possible and legal giving a human right, freedom and most importantly respect for the third gender community.

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Immigration department handles Australian visas

So if you ever plan to migrate to Australia, do not hesitate but you’ve best the best decision as it is best for the living and offers you the best. There are several Visa Australian Government provides and is handled by Immigration department.