What is ING Nepal?

ING Nepal is an IT based company which is a non-profitable and non-government that focus on the development of youth in technical education. It integrates principles from all disciplines of engineering and Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in the development of the Nation providing valuable knowledge sharing and put up experience to the society.

ING provides an interactive display place for creative students to come together and go hand in hand in an effort to promote, educate, explore, create, and share their curiosity.

What is ING nepal

ING mainly focuses on ICT but it also focuses on working in EGS (Exploring, Gaining, and Sharing) models so that they can introduce and fill in the technological gap in different regions of Nepal. It also encourages women empowerment and involvement of women in ICT. In ING, they work on theoretical and research-based areas related to Science & Technology.

What does ING Nepal do?

It provides training, tutorials, and related technical works so that they can encourage education of IT among different groups of people in Nepal. ING makes it a must for all members to participate in seminars, research discussions, and workshops so as to provide a broader and greater view of IT policy.

ING Nepal helps students to provide professional and academic attention to help them become a professional forum for the IT students of the country. Helping the students to be prepared to be able to explore and cope with challenges and opportunities that can improve the technological, economic, and education scenario of the country. 

innovative ghar nepal

The organization that focuses on technical education as aspects of development in ICT in the country, educating and introducing and improving in modernizing will help the development of the country. Making sure ICTD (Information Communication Technology for Development) is on the toe and working for the development of ICT among the people in society and emphasizing and targeting the youths in the program.

ING Nepal strongly believes in leadership by offering innovation, current, and relevant programs to the market with a continuous desire to improve with the determination to be able to solve the problems and ensure 100% accuracy with always taking the right decisions.

ING NEPAL promises to give honesty and stability with workers being able to depend on one another with being able to give respect to every individual. Being able to cope with any environment change and be time-efficient with career opportunities for the nation to help it develop.

ING Nepal Branches

Due to the pioneering work that they have done in the country, the Government of Nepal’s Ministry of Education had in 2014 awarded the Executive Chairman Mr. Sulav Budhathoki, with a Letter of Commendation for advancing the betterment of higher education in Nepal. ING has been organizing different ICT related programs in different colleges of Kathmandu and Pokhara, running different activities and programs in Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, Lalitpur, and Pokhara and is planning to extend the program to major cities and then villages of Nepal.

In fact, they are doing so so well that ING Nepal has made it possible for them to successfully implement their expansion plan for a strong presence throughout Nepal, where they have started four new colleges throughout Nepal.

Those colleges are Herald College (Kathmandu), Itahari International College (Itahari), and Informatics College Pokhara (Pokhara), and Kathmandu Frontier Associates (Kathmandu). All of these four colleges have commenced their operation by 2016.