Innovative Ghar Nepal, shortly known as ING Nepal is a non-profitable and non-government organization for the development of youth in the technical sector. It has been providing an excellent platform for the youth to promote, educate, explore, create and share their curiosity. Youth will get hands-on knowledge and experience so that it will be helpful in the nation building project.

The main vision of the organization is to expose everyone to the newest advancement in the technology by focusing on research, skill sharing, and hands-on experience through team spirit. This organization has been very helpful in reducing the gap between the people and technology.

Innovative Ghar Nepal

Innovative Ghar Nepal activites

Innovative Ghar Nepal has been doing following activities and programs.

  • Work with exploring, gaining and sharing model to bridge the technological gap
  • Information communication technology for development of society
  • Women empowerment and its involvement in ICT
  • Conduct theoretical and research in science and technology
  • Provide training, tutorials, and technical works.
  • Participate in seminars, research discussion, and workshops.
  • Become the professional forum for IT students
  • To explore new horizon of challenges and opportunities that can boost the technological, economic and educational scenario of the country.
Innovative Ghar Nepal activities

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Innovative Ghar Nepal is working in the development of IT sectors in Nepal. Its main target is a youth of the society. It has been organizing different programs in Kathmandu and Pokhara. Now, it has expanded its areas to Bhaktapur and Lalitpur. In near future, they are planning to extends our programs to other major cities and then villages of Nepal.

Innovative Ghar Nepal Executive members

Er. Mukesh Shrestha – Founder/President

Er. Vijay Pandit – Founder/Vice President

Er Pankaj Kr Nepal – Founder/General Secretary

Mr. Bikrant Karki – Founder/Joint Secretary

Mr. Abhisek Kr Shah – Treasurer

Er. Devi Bahadur Khadak – member

Innovative Ghar Nepal welcome those who wants to help this organization through volunteering or any other additional help. It offers volunteers for interested youth from Nepal as well as from other countries. Please contact the address given below for more information;


Research Center, Innovative Ghar Nepal, Imadol-5, Balkumari, Lalitpur Nepal