International students are those who are from foreign countries, migrating to Australia with a study visa. Study visa is an authority given by Australian Govt. to permit you to study and live in the country until the course is completed. But there are visa conditions that are stated for International Students.

International Students six visa conditions

  1. Completion of your degree before your COE expires(8516):

Coe is a Confirmation of Enrolment which is an official document issued to international students by universities in Australia. It confirms that you have accepted a place in a course and have paid your tuition fees and health insurance. So it is compulsory for an international student to complete the course that they have nominated before the COE expires. And also must have sufficient finance capacity to be able to study, pay your bills and livelihoods in Australia. All international students must be able to satisfy their visa requirements to have study visa.

  1. Health insurance(8501):

All international students must have an adequate arrangement done for their health insurance to stay in Australia.

  1. Updating the education provider (8533):

The information that should be provided to the education provider should be transparent. The address of where you live in arriving should be given to the education provider in seven days, and the change of the address should also be given to the provider in seven days. If you decided to change the education provider, the next education provider should be notified within the seven days with the electronic confirmation of enrollment certificate.

international students visa conditions australia

  1. Maintaining your welfare arrangements(8532):

If you are below 18, then you will have stay in the custody of someone who can give you accommodation and support. If you are under 18, you must be under your parents and legal custodian. Or any relatives that have to be stated by your parents or anyone above 21 years who has passed character assessment. If not then, a custodian who is approved by you education provider. And this arrangement shouldn’t be changed until the time you’re in Australia or without written approval if any change is required.

  1. Working Limitations(8105):

International students will not be allowed to work and get paid until the course has started. After the course has started, and if they plan to work, then they will not be allowed to work for than 40hours per fortnight during the period of your course. A fortnight refers to the time of 14days. In the case of vacations, they will be allowed to work for than 40 hours per fortnight, but the limitation will apply to them as soon as the course resumes. There will be absolutely no restrictions for those students who will be doing masters in research and studying doctorate. You can get more information about working limitations as there are International student workplace rules in Australia.

  1. Enrollment, Attendance and Progress(8202):

An International student must remain enrolled in a registered course for which the students were granted a visa. And must be able to maintain satisfactory attendance and also maintain progress as per the requirement by the education provider of the student.