Ipay and Esewa are renowned payment gateways of Nepal. We are placing a reviews between (Ipay payment gateway) IPay.com.np and (Esewa Payment Gateway) esewa.com.np.

We have another page for Esewa. It describes the complete features of Esewa. We troubleshoot different problems of esewa. We have already mentioned on how to recharge esewa account.

Lets differentiate between Ipay and Esewa.

ipay vs esewa

Page Speed Score

Esewa.com.np page speed score for mobile device is 44 and desktop device is 55.

Ipay.com.np page speed score for mobile device is 63 and desktop device is 78.

We took Google PageSpeed Insights for measuring the speed.

Ipay wins on page speed score.

Features of Ipay and Esewa

Bank to Payment Gateway

Esewa.com.np: Instant Amount deposit from Bank to Esewa Account
IPay.com.np: Instant Amount Deposit from Bank to Ipay Account

Ipay accepts following banks for loading iPay account.

Nepal Investment Bank LTD
Kumari Bank Limited
Everest Bank Limited
Laxmi Bank
NIC Asia
Global IME Bank

Esewa Accepts following Banks for loading Esewa Account.

Ace Development Bank Limited
Apex Development Bank Limited
Bank of Kathmandu Limited
Business Universal Development Bank Limited
Citizens bank
Everest bank Limited
Global IME Bank
Janata Bank
Kailash Bikas Bank
Kasthamandap Development Bank
Kumari Bank Limited
Lumbini Bank Limited
Machhapuchchhre Bank Limited
Nabil Bank
NCC Bank
Nepal Bangladesh Bank
NIC Asia
NMB Bank
Prabhu Bank
Sanima Bank
Siddhartha Development Bank
Sunrise Bank
Tourism Bank
Yeti Development Bank

Ipay and Esewa both seems to be smarter. Even though Esewa has agreement with numerous banks in Nepal and Ipay has agreement with less number of banks in Nepal.

Payment Gateway to Bank

Esewa.com.np: Instant Amount deposit from Esewa Account to Bank account.
IPay.com.np: No Instant Amount deposit from Ipay account to Bank account. It may take up to 3 working days maximum.

Esewa is best, isn’t it?

Withdraw charge to Bank

Esewa: Esewa has the following withdraw charges
Rs 100 to Rs 1000 = Rs 10
Rs 1001 to Rs 10000 = Rs 20
Rs 10001 to Rs 20000 = Rs 30
Rs 20001 to Rs 30000 = Rs 40
Rs 30001 to Rs 40000 = Rs 50
Rs 40001 to Rs 50000 = Rs 60
iPay: On withdrawing amount of 500 to 10000, ipay takes 25 rupees charge. That means, if you are withdrawing 50000, you need to pay charge of 5*25=125 rupees.

Esewa is of course cheaper, isn’t it?

Western Union Pick up service online

Esewa: yes
Ipay: No

Costumer Support System

Esewa: Toll Free number 16600102121, 9804442435
iPay: 01-5535757 (24 Hrs), 9808036580 (10 AM – 6 PM)