iPhone price in Nepal is considered to be expensive. It is very familiar to all of us that users of smart phones is increasing everyday. With so many authorized distributors we have a lot of variety to choose from. When we talk about phones, iPhone is the most popular phone in the world. In Nepal as well there are many who wait for launch of a brand new iPhone. For developing country like Nepal, it is amazing to see how people are ready to spend thousands of rupees in an iPhone when you can buy a phone from other brands in much cheaper price with similar features. But iPhone is everyone’s dream gadget in Nepal and people choose it not just for its features but as a symbol of prosperity and class. Definitely, iPhone has convincing features and appearance to gain so many customers in a poor country like Nepal. The price of different ranges of iPhone is definitely higher but it is actually worth it. Nepal imports iPhone. In the article, we are providing the latest price details of different ranges of iPhone.iphone price in nepal

iPhone price in Nepal

  • iPhone SE price in Nepal: With a display of 4.0 inches, 2GB Ram and internal storage of 16/64 GB, the iPhone SE definitely had created a good buzz in Market but now it has been replaced by the latest versions of iPhone. The current market price of I phone SE is NRs 40,000 for internal storage of 16 GB and 45000 for 64 GB.
  • iPhone 6S price in Nepal: The iPhone 6s has display of 4.7 inches and ram 2 GB RAM. The internal storage is 128 GB. The price differs as per the internal storage. The current market price for iPhone 6s (32 GB) is NRs 68,000 and iPhone 6S(128 GB) is NRs 85000. For 6s Plus, the price is NRs 92000 for 16 GB.
  • iPhone 7 price in Nepal: The iPhone 7 was launched in November 2016 in Nepal. It has 4.7 inches display with 2 GB ram and internal storage up to 256 GB. The price for 32 GB is NRs 75000, for 128 GB is NRs 88000 and for 256 GB the price is NRs 95,500.
  • iPhone 7 plus price in Nepal: The iPhone 7 plus is popular for its wider display compared to previous versions of iPhone. It has display of 5.5 inches. Similarly, internal storage of 32 GB and 3GB RAM. The present market price is NRs. 90,000.
  • iPhone 8 price in Nepal: iPhone 8 again comes with 4.7 inches display, 2GB RAM and internal storage of 64GB/ 256GB. The price for the version with 64 GB Storage is NRs 98,500 whereas the price for 256 GB is NRs 1,19,500. Similarly the price for iPhone 8 plus (64 GB) is NRs 1,12,500 and for 256 GB is NRs 1,33,000.
  • iPhone X price in Nepal: iPhone X is the version with the biggest screen of 5.8 inches. It has 3GB Ram and internal storage of 64 GB / 256GB. The price for iPhone X with 64 GB is NRs 138,000 and for 256 GB is NRs 159,000.

We have listed the iPhone price in Nepal as per 2019 April 20. The price may fluctuate anytime.