The first company to develop a screen touch phone, cameras in phone and front cameras in phone, Apple Inc’s iPhone, is the leading company in mobile industry in the world. Invented my Steve Jobs in 2005 as ROKR, was later re-introduced as iPhone (1st generation) in 2007. Although there are many competitors for iPhone, it is still the most overpowering phone due to its advanced software, great camera and prestige. iPhone price in Nepal is different because of dollar fluctuation.

Unlike other mobile companies, Apple Inc releases its phones once or twice every year:

  • IPhone (1st generation) in 2007
  • IPhone 3G in 2008
  • IPhone 3GS in 2009
  • IPhone 4 in 2010
  • IPhone 4S in 2011
  • IPhone 5 in 2012
  • IPhone 5S and 5C in 2013
  • IPhone 6/6 plus in 2014
  • IPhone 6S/6S plus in 2015
  • IPhone SE and IPhone 7/7 plus in 2016

iphone price in nepal

Latest iPhone Price in Nepal

IPhone has always been once the most sold phone not only in Nepal, but all over the world. Its prices may be a little overrated, but it is still one of the sellout phones in the world

  1. iPhone 5S Price in Nepal
    Introduced in 2012, iPhone 5S has a dual core processor with 1.3 GHz CPU. It has 1GB RAM, and 16/32GB internal storage with no microSD card slot. It consists of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, fingerprint sensor, 4G LTE, 3G, and has 8MP rear and 1.2MP front cameras. Its price in Nepal is Rs. 56,000.00 (16GB) and RS. 62,000.00 (32GB). This phone is however now discontinued.
  2. iPhone SE Price in Nepal
    A fine designed model of Rs. 55,000.00 (16GB) and Rs. 68,000.00 (64GB), iPhone SE was, and still is one of the best phones created by Apple. With 12MP rear and 1.2MP front cameras, IOS 9.3 version and 2GB RAM, this phone gives the best picture quality and is very customer friendly.
  3. iPhone 6 Price in Nepal
    Since compared to other phone iPhones were relatively small, iPhone 6 was completely focused on its size. With almost the same features as other phone, it has a 4.7 inches LED-backlit IPS LCD screen with a resolution of 750 x 1334 pixels. Its price in Nepal is Rs. 72,000.00 (64GB) and Rs. 82,000.00 (128GB)
  4. iPhone 6 plus Price in Nepal
    iPhone 6 plus was the biggest phone among iPhones with a 5.5 inches LED-backlit IPS LCD screen and a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. Its features is as same as the previous iPhone 6, but with better battery capacity of 2915mAh battery. Its price in Nepal is Rs. 88,000.00 (16GB) and Rs. 98,000.00 (64GB).
  5. iPhone 6S Price in Nepal
    With better processor(ISO 9, updatable to IOS 9.0.2), greater RAM(2GB) and internal storage up 128GB, and better rear(12MP) and front(5MP) cameras, this phone was an updated of the previous iPhone 6. Its price in Nepal is Rs. 87,000.00 (16GB), Rs. 1,02,000.00 (64GB) and Rs. 1,17,000.00 (128GB).
  6. iPhone 6S plus Price in Nepal
    Just as Apple did with iPhone 6 and 6 plus, iPhone 6S and an update of the iPhone 6S with a 5.5 inches LED-backlit IPS LCD screen and resolution of1920 x 1080 pixels. Its features are also as same as the previous iPhone 6S, but with better battery capacity of2750mAh battery. Its price in Nepal is Rs.92,000.00 (16GB), Rs. 1,18,000.00 (64GB) and Rs. 1,29,000.00 (128GB)
  7. iPhone 7 price in Nepal
    iPhone 7 is the most advanced iPhone till date. Released in 2016, it has an Apple A10 Fusion Quad-core 2.33 GHz CPU with six0-core GPU. It has 2GB RAM and 32/128/256GB internal storage. It is an IOS 10.0.1 version, with 12MP rear and 7MP front camera giving you the best photos ever seen on iPhone. Its price in Nepal is Rs. 91,000.00 (32GB), Rs.1,05,500.00 (128GB) and Rs. 1,19,500.00 (256GB).
  8. iPhone 7 plus price in Nepal
    This phone is an update of the previous iPhone 7 with 5.5 inches LED-backlit IPS LCD screen and resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, and has better battery capacity of 2900mAh battery. Its price in Nepal is Rs. 1,08,000.00 (32GB), Rs. 1,22,550.00 (128GB) and Rs. 1,36,000.00 (256GB).

The upbringing of new phones each year fluctuate the prices of the old existing iPhones. For example, after the release of iphone7, the price of other iPhone (iPhone 5/5S, 6/6S) decreased, as a new and fresh model came into display. Many websites and facebook pages keep updating  iPhone features and its prices in Nepal. Some notable websites are: , ,  and, .
Some notable facebook pages that update iPhone features and prices are: ,