iPhone is a popular name among smartphone lovers and has a different range of iPhones available in the market. The iPhone price in Nepal is also comparatively good in comparison to other mobile phones. iPhone is a line of smartphones that is designed and marketed by Apple Inc.

The Apple brand is popular all over the world, and many iPhone fanatics are waiting for the new release every year. The history of the iPhone was initiated when Steve Jobs asked for an investigation into the use of touchscreen devices. Concepts and functions of Newton’s message pad which is the early handheld device manufactured in the mid-1990s by Apple, have been used in the iPhone.

iPhone price in Nepal is considered to be expensive. It is very familiar to all of us that users of smartphones is increasing every day. With so many authorized distributors, we have a lot of variety to choose from. When we talk about phones, the iPhone is the most popular phone in the world. In Nepal as well, many wait for the launch of a brand new iPhone.

latest iphone price in Nepal

For developing countries like Nepal, it is amazing to see how people are ready to spend thousands of rupees on an iPhone when you can buy a phone from other brands at a much cheaper price with similar features.

But the iPhone is everyone’s dream gadget in Nepal, and people choose it not just for its features but as a symbol of prosperity and class. The iPhone has convincing features and appearance to gain many customers in a poor country like Nepal.

The price of different ranges of iPhone is higher, but it is worth it. Nepal imports iPhones. In the article, we are providing the latest price details of different ranges of iPhone.

iPhone price in Nepal

iPhone 15 ModelsStoragePrice in Nepal
iPhone 15 pro Max256GBRs. 233,499
iPhone 15 Pro Max512GBRs. 271,499
iPhone 15 Pro Max1TBRs. 309,499
iphone 15 plus128GBRs. 176,499
iPhone 15 plus256GBRs. 195,499
iPhone 15 plus512GBRs. 233,499
iPhone 15128GBRs. 157,499
iPhone 15256GBRs. 176,499
iPhone 15512GBRs. 214,499
iPhone 15 Pro128GBRs. 195,499
iPhone 15 Pro256GBRs. 214,499
iPhone 15 Pro512GBRs. 253,499
iPhone 15 Price in Nepal
iPhone 14 ModelsStoragePrice in Nepal
iPhone 14 Pro Max128GBRs. 191,990
iPhone 14 Pro Max256GBRs. 210,990
iPhone 14 Pro Max512GBRs. 247,990
iPhone 14 Pro Max1TBRs. 285,990
iPhone 14 plus128GBRs. 157,990
iPhone 14 plus256GBRs. 176,990
iPhone 14 plus512GBRs. 229,990
iPhone 14128GBRs. 125,500
iPhone 14 Pro128GBRs. 172,990
iPhone 14 Pro256GBRs. 191,990
iPhone 14 Pro512GBRs. 228,990
iPhone 14 Price in Nepal

Update: The price may fluctuate at any time. We have already asked the authorized dealer about the latest iPhone price in Nepal. We are updating this price list as soon as we hear from them.

iPhone old to new models

The first iPhone was released on June 29, 2007. Since then, ten generations of the iPhone have been released till now. In the iPhone, an iOS operating system is used. With each generation, there has been some advancement in the operating system. The generation of iPhone encompasses iPhone 1st Generation in 2007, iPhone 3G in 2008, iPhone 3GS in 2009, iPhone 4 in 2010, iPhone 4S in 2011, iPhone 5 in 2012, iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C in 2013, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus in 2014, iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S plus in 2015 and iPhone SE, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus in 2016. The most recent release is the iPhone 15 Pro Max.

iPhone is a powerful name in the smartphone industry. It is a recognized brand and is famous among the people. iPhone has the largest share of the smartphone market in the US. As of January 2020, the app store to download applications for iOS devices contains more than 2.2 million applications.

The price tags for iPhone mobiles might be hefty for some people, but considering its recognition and brand name, people pay for that, and the sales are also going well.

Authorized iPhone distributor in Nepal

Smartphone fanatics in Nepal are not exempt from the love for phones. In Nepal, EVOSTORE is the only authorized and official distributor of iPhones. The price for the iPhone varies with the internal memory even though they are of the same generation.

Why carry an iPhone in Nepal?

Talking about the depreciation of iPhone mobiles, they depreciate less than Android smartphones. The phones depreciate with the new release of smartphones which are faster and stronger than their predecessors. However, the iPhone holds its value well. It might be partly because of the brand name i.e. Apple and the respect and recognition people have for it. If the resale value is of most concern to you while buying smartphones then, looking at the present scenario of depreciation, the iPhone would be the best option for you.